Bathroom Remodeling

Of all the different remodels we offer, a bathroom remodel tends to be the second most disruptive service behind kitchens to you and your family but subsequently, the most rewarding when it’s done. When a bathroom is re-done right, it becomes less of the place you have to go to four or five times a day and more of a space you actually kind of enjoy spending time in. Plus, upgrades in bathrooms and kitchens have high returns on investment, adding tons of value to your home. After you have defined the scope of the bathroom remodeling venture you’re going to just take on, there are many things you’ll need to contend with before the work can start. Your remodeling price range will probably be the first thing. It’s always best to begin a remodel after you’ve already determined that you have enough money set aside to cover all the costs. Redesigns are unpredictable. Even if you think you’ve got enough, you should have some extra financial padding in case you run into trouble. Dipping into savings or worse (college funds!) is a common mistake made by many a renovator. It might seem like a finished bathroom is better than a depleted bank account but there’s no guarantee you’ll feel that way when you need that money again! There are a lot plumbing issues in bathroom remodeling assignments. Unless you really know what you are undertaking, hooking up pipes and rerouting them, you can wind up making some very soggy mistakes. This is why professional contractors are so important. They know how to route plumbing and avoid catastrophe. Once you have the finances, etc. sorted out, which we’re happy to help you do, you get to focus on developing your dream bathroom! Start with the layout then work your way up to the finishes and the other little details. Imagine the perfect master bath. How many sinks are there? How many cabinets you need? What colors are the floors, the walls and the counters? Get samples of everything, from paint chips to tiles, to better visualize your perfect space. Even if you’re employing a contractor or an interior designer, you have the ultimate say as the homeowner on the materials to be used but a good deal will be dictated by your price range. You may want marble and granite but if it won’t fit in the budget, porcelain will look just as good. In the end, as long as you know what your finance restrictions are and understand the scope of the remodeling project, there’s no reason you won’t end up with an awesome, relaxing haven of a bathroom. .