Beautiful Bathroom Remodels

Bathrooms are sort of like kitchens in that they tend to be remodeled more often than other areas of the home and, when they are, the return on invest (both financially and aesthetically) is significant. Perhaps that’s because, between our daily showers and our morning routines, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom. We might as well make them as beautiful as we can! Whether your bathroom is outdated, under-sized or just not in line with your style, our bathroom remodeling contractors here at Green Remodeling in Roswell would love to help you plan out your update this fall! Adding Space You don’t need to tear down any walls to make a bathroom that feels much, much bigger. Sometimes simple changes in layout, like changing the direction of the tub or opting for a nice stall shower instead, can give you all the extra space you need. Designs that maximize the space available are kind of our specialty so we can suggest multiple space-saving layouts and building techniques for your seemingly tiny bathroom. Changing Fixtures If the problems you have with your full or half bath are mainly cosmetic, switching out fixtures and calling it a day can save time and money. Bathroom fixtures including faucets, handles, knobs, hanging bars, mirrors and even above-mirror lighting come in and out of style pretty quickly. In the 1990s, it was all about gold. Early in the new millennium, that changed to silver. Nowadays, brushed silver, aged bronze and high-shine chrome are all trendy options! Rather than just following the trends however, we always recommend choosing fixtures that coordinate with your style. Do you prefer rough and rustic or sleek and modern? Glamorous and traditional or simple and casual? Adding Tile, Stone or Glass On the floors, counters or walls, luxury materials such as natural stone, glass tile and mosaic tile will take any bathroom to the next level. Installing tile behind the sink or around the tub is a great way to add a pop of style to the bathroom and water-resistant tile floors just make more sense than carpet, hardwood or vinyl. Our staff has lots of experience installing these fine materials so you can trust that they’ll do a great job with your floors, backsplash or tub surround! Choosing Chic Tubs and Showers One change that can have a huge impact in your bathroom is a new tub. Bath designers get more and more creative each year. There are so many bath tubs and showers to choose from that we always recommend shopping for these items in-person. You’ll be amazed at what you can find. If you are ready for a sparkling new, spa-like bathroom, contact Green Remodeling today to set up a free estimate and design consultation. Our design experts can partner with you to create the bathroom of your dreams!

Which Countertop is the Top?

One of the biggest ticket items for remodeling projects is often the countertops.  Historically granite has been the most popular choice; however, many are turning to quartz because of new advancements and how well quartz has been mimicking other countertop types such as marble, concrete, granite, etc.  So, what are the difference between granite and quartz? Granite is a 100% natural material thus every slab has unique color and pattern. Granite will last a lifetime and will not lose the natural pattern of the veins or color.   However, granite as a natural stone contains air and can therefore harbor bacteria and stain if not sealed on an on-going basis. Quartz is a manufactured stone and therefore color and pattern are very consistent from slab to slab and even over time.  Quartz will never need initial or continued sealing and is much less likely to stain or crack due to the presence of man-made resins. Should a quartz countertop be chipped, it can simply be repaired instead of needing replacement.  From a “green” aspect, quartz uses waste materials rather than quarrying new stone materials.  However, you wouldn’t want to install it next to a window unless it was an outdoor rated quartz (such as Dekton), because there is a possibility of discoloration due to UV light. Normally the decision comes down to one of two things: price or pattern.  A common granite is less costly than a standard quartz; however, exotic granites can be much more expensive!  Quartz manufacturers have been trying hard to have products that mimic the look of granite, but some feel these man-made stones can never replicate the beauty of a natural stone.  Either will be a good choice if you are well informed and know how to care for your countertops!