Warm, Welcoming Showers…Even on the Coldest Days

As if mornings weren’t tough enough, cold weather can make your shower floor icy cold and unwelcoming. You might run your shower for several minutes to warm the floor, seat, or walls before you even step inside, but they still might not be warm enough to stand on, sit on, or lean against. One of the most luxurious things you can do to make your shower more welcoming in cold weather is to add heated flooring. Heated shower floors will warm your feet and in turn relax the rest of your body. But why stop there? Did you know you could have a heated tile system inside your shower to warm your shower benches and up the tile walls? Heating systems can also be installed under tiles, benches, and various shower components. No more leaning back and touching freezing cold tiles with your back or sitting on a cold seat to try to relax or shave your legs! There are two basic types of heating systems for your shower, hydronic and electric. Hydronic heating distributes water heated by gas, wood or oil boilers, solar water heaters, or a combination of sources, through a tubing system beneath the shower floor or beneath the shower tiles. Electric radiant heat consists of electrical tubes that are positioned under the shower floor or beneath the shower tiles. Hydronic systems are a great solution if you are renovating the entire house, but electrical heating systems are more cost efficient and easier to install in a smaller space, like your shower. Heated shower systems need a dedicated 20-amp GFCI protected circuit that will prevent overheating and cut the power in the event of a short or other problem. Each manufacturer offers various system features, such as programmable timers, which can turn the system on while you’re still asleep. Your shower floor, tiles, and bench will warmly welcome you in the morning and can be turned off for the rest of the day. You can even put the floor and the tiles on two different thermostats. The systems are relatively inexpensive to operate and by limiting the heat to a single area in your bathroom, you’ll save on utility costs. When temperatures outside drop, you’ll be thankful for a heated shower system and once you’ve leaned back on your shower’s heated tiles, you’ll never go back. When adding heated shower floors, tiles, and benches to a bathroom be sure to always work with licensed professionals, like Green. Call us today and find out why Green Remodeling is smart remodeling.