Green Remodeling: Making Your Dreams a Reality

When it comes to remodeling and renovating your home, nothing is more important than finding a licensed professional contractorthat you can trust every step of the way. Nothing compares to the peace of mind and confidence that comes from knowing that you can trust your lifetime’s most expensive investment to someone who will not only take great care of it as their own, but walk alongside you in helping you to plan, design, and create your dream living space.

We Take it Personally

More than just a set of blueprints and building materials, we at Atlanta’s very own Green Remodeling, know that your home represents everything about you and what’s important to you and your family. We know that the key to an outstanding home remodeling and renovation project begins with a personal connection to you, the homeowner. Our design experts first seek to understand how it is that you use your home and what you want out of it. To help with that, we’ll even go so far as to help you visualize your new space with our state-of-the-art design services, including 3D plans and renderings that allow you to see it before you build it. In addition, our showroom allows you an even more immersive selection process, giving you the opportunity to see, touch, and feel all the materials that will help to create an exceptional space that is every bit as unique as you are.

Skill & Experience

After the planning and design stage, Laura and her team of renovation experts put their decades of skilled craftsmanship and experience into making your dream living space a reality. No matter if it’s your basementbathroomkitchen, or any other part of your house or even your business, Green Remodeling specializes in expert remodeling and renovation that not only beautifies your space and enhances the way you live in it, but helps to increase its value and your investment in it.

Get Started with Green Remodeling

Whether you’re needing help with renovating a half-bath or wondering how and where to start on a full demo and remodel, Green Remodeling is your local, one-stop contractor whom you can trust with the most personal and cherished investments you’ll ever make. Visit or call one of our convenient Atlanta-area locations in Roswell or Woodstock to ask about a FREE, no-obligation estimate today. 

We look forward to helping you make your house a home!

Sunrooms: Let the Sunshine In

When it comes to great home additions and renovation projects for Georgia homeowners, many potential remodeling projects may come to mind, but few are as unique and cost-effective as a sunroom. Generally built onto the rear or side of the house, a sunroom is a glassed-in addition that allows ample sunlight into the room via multiple large window panels that surround the room. The open, airy feeling that a sunroom offers makes for a great place to entertain, relax, and expand your living space. While there are a few different types of sunrooms (three-season, four-season, screen rooms, solariums, etc.), Atlanta’s extreme range of seasonal temperatures might require the comfort and convenience that comes with a climate-controlled, fully-enclosed four-season sunroom that can be enjoyed year-round.


Lots of Benefits

Not only will a sunroom add unique functionality to your home, but a sunroom also adds value to your home without breaking the bank, which helps to increase the return on your investment and thus, the equity in the home — something every homeowner should be looking to do. Whether a sunroom is built over an existing concrete patio slab foundation, a new slab, or you’re converting a covered porch or patio, it’s a cost-effective addition that’s not only relatively easy for a licensed professional to build, but takes less time than other similar projects.


Plenty of Options

When you work with a trusted licensed home remodeling and renovation contractor, not only will they walk you through the basic options regarding frame and roof options, but they can also discuss unique features that will help to customize your sunroom for the ultimate in luxury, comfort, and convenience. Would you like to add glass roof panels or skylights for additional light? Would you like rolling window panels and screen panels that allow you to open the room for a cool, calm spring breeze? Would you like double-pane windows for maximum energy efficiency? A professional contractorcan explain all the features available to you and the benefits of each in order to help you build the space of your dreams.


Green Remodeling for the Win

The best way to decide on what your next steps should be when considering a home addition or renovation project is to find a local, licensed contractorwith a reputablefollowingand the knowledge and expertise that can only come from yearsof tried-and-true experiencein the business. No matter what your future home remodeling plans might entail, callthe experts at Green Remodelingfor all the help you need on a variety of projectsin and around your home.

What to Ask Potential Remodeling Contractors

With the arrival of spring and summer soon approaching, the average Atlanta homeowner is probably already well into making their respective DIY lists for the things they’d like to get done around the house. While there are plenty of things that an eager weekend warrior can tackle successfully, there are also plenty of things around the house that might be best left to the professionals, especially remodeling and renovation projects.

Depending on the size, scale, and complexity of the project, it’s generally best to seek out the expert help and experience of a professional home remodeling and renovation contractor to make sure that everything goes the way it’s supposed to. But before you hire a contractor to handle your remodel, there are a few questions you should make sure to ask before you decide which contractor to hire for the project.

Do You Have a List of References?

Before you decide on a contractor to do any work of any kind around your house, you should always ask them for a list of references that you can call on in order to ask about the contractor’s practices and performance. In addition, make sure to check various review websites for customer reviews and testimonials. Any trustworthy contractor would be more than happy to offer references and/or testimonials in order to make you feel more confident about hiring them to do the work. For an added touch, the right contractor will also have a gallery or portfolio of photos to showcase their work and craftsmanship.

When Can I Expect the Project to be Finished?

It’s only common sense to imagine that before undertaking anything of such magnitude and expense, it’s important to know when it’s slated to be finished. Also, it would be a wise point to ask your contractor not only for the projected end date on the project, but for certain points of progress, as well. These are all great things to ask beforehand in order to keep up on your contractor’s progress and performance.

How Much Will This Cost?

Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of the project is how much it’s going to cost. Even though you may have already received a detailed estimate before work started, it’s still vital that you receive an itemized and detailed cost sheet to keep you abreast of all costs during the project to prevent any unforeseen expenses that may come up prior to the completion of the project. Make sure to compare each line of your initial estimate to the cost at the end of the project to check for any disparity between the two.

Green Remodeling for the Win!

The kind, experienced remodeling professionals at Green Remodeling are there for you every step of the way if you’re considering any remodeling or renovation project. From the early consulting stages, to planning, and all the way to the end, not only will we answer all your questions to your satisfaction, but we will also work with you with integrity to determine what your best next steps are with regard to your project.

For a FREE, no-obligation consultation regarding a remodeling or renovation project, contact Atlanta’s best remodeling contractor, Laura Green, and the Green Team at Green Remodeling, the premier renovation experts for all your remodeling needs.

See Your Rustic-Chic Remodel Come to Life

When it comes to home renovation and remodeling projects, few things are as daunting for a homeowner as selecting a style for the new decor. While it’s easy to know that you want something new and refreshed, picking a style for the new environment may not always come as easily.


One style trend that continues to draw the attention of many of today’s top designers and decorators is rustic-chic. Incorporating the use of worn and rustic elements with the presence of new and contemporary items in order to achieve a transitional feel that is both elegant and approachable, rustic-chic is a cohesive and effective style option for any room of the house. Rough-sawn wood elements such as wood beams for ceilings or sliding barn doors are wonderful rustic-chic elements that homeowners can incorporate into their renovation and remodeling plans. The combination of various natural materials such as stone, rock, and wood are great ways to showcase the earthy feel of a rustic-chic decor, both inside and outside. Emphasizing the natural feel of the space, natural light can even be used as a design element to highlight a rustic-chic decor, keeping the room bright, yet warm. Because its very essence is the use of something old or worn to create a new and relevant decor, rustic-chic can allow for easy transformation in some remodeling projects.

But How Will it Look?

Sure, you may have catalogs, swatches, idea books, and other such sources of rustic-chic inspiration, but when it comes to actually seeing how the new surroundings and its elements will look, you’re often left hoping for the best. At Green Remodeling, we’re proud to offer a unique “See It Before We Build It” approach to designing your new space. Using cutting edge 3D technology and state-of-the-art computer software, our Green Team design consultants can show you a 3D mock-up that actually puts you in the room and allows you to see it from any angle before even the first hammer is lifted!

On Time, the First Time

The Green Team’s 3D Design Services give homeowners a precise look at what the newly renovated space will look like once all the right colors, textures, lighting, and so much more are in place. Such accurate technology also helps to eliminate  potential mistakes and bad decisions that cause budget and timeline overruns.

Because Green Remodeling is fully dedicated to customer satisfaction, we offer 3D design services to increase customer confidence in every project that comes our way. To find out more about our 3D design services and how we can help you with your interior or exterior home remodeling project, contact the Green Team today.

See It Before You Build It with Green Remodeling

Whenever the time comes for you to begin looking around for a skilled professional home remodeling/renovation contractor to begin a dream project of yours, there’s a long list of questions and criteria you should address before you finally decide who it is you’re going to trust with what’s probably your most treasured and expensive asset — your home.

In Living Color

One factor that may not initially register as a “must-have,” but certainly registers as a “should-have” is finding a contractor who can offer the luxury of 3D computer modeling and design services. One of the most important stages of a home remodeling project occurs before even the first hammer is raised or the first slab of concrete poured; it’s the planning stage. Not only is it important for you to find a contractor that can envision and encourage your plan for the new space, but one that can combine your vision for the project with their resources and produce a successful plan and rendition of what the finished space will look like. Since remodeling a home requires so much planning, it’s important to have as accurate a depiction of the end product as possible. That’s where 3D design services come in.

Sneak Peek

At Green Remodeling, we take pride in the fact that our clients can “See It Before We Build It” using our state-of-the-art 3D design services. No matter if it’s as small as a tile layout, full-blown kitchen cabinet makeover, or sunroom addition with adjacent deck, our skilled design specialists can create bold, vivid 3D renderings that not only give you a more precise idea of what the space will look like with all the right colors, textures, lighting, and so much more, but help to eliminate the risk of potential mistakes and bad decisions that can adversely affect budget and timeline.

Because Green Remodeling is fully dedicated to your satisfaction in all we do, we utilize 3D design services to increase your level of confidence and trust in the work we’re performing for you, which helps to build the rapport that’s essential to every successful client/contractor relationship.

To find out how our 3D design services can be of service to you, no matter the scope or scale of the project, contact the Green Team today and let’s start laying the foundation on the living space of your dreams!

Green Remodeling for All Your Home Projects in 2019

Happy new year from Green Remodeling!

Yes, it’s 2019 and January’s already in full swing, which means it’s prime time to plan ahead and start making a list of all the home improvement projects you’re looking to get done in this next year.

With springtime just a little over 2 months away, it’s hard not to look past the current chill of winter and dream of getting back outside to enjoy the mild early-spring temps. In keeping with the current trend of incorporating outdoor living spaces to extend the indoor living space, perhaps it’s time to consider revamping a current outdoor area or maybe even creating a brand new one.

Imagine a brand new outdoor area where you can have friends and family over for a delicious cookout, prepared in your outdoor kitchen, complete with grill and built-in undercounter refrigerator. Guests can choose to sit at either the bar or in the adjoining living area next to the built-in fireplace, where they can enjoy the late-afternoon sun under the light breeze of a ceiling fan. After the late-evening sun goes down, you and your guests can sit around the built-in fire pit for great conversation, refreshments, and of course, roasted marshmallows and s’mores.

Sound like a plan?

If so, what are you waiting for? The home remodeling and renovation experts at Green Remodeling will start by helping you to visualize and plan your outdoor space using their design services, complete with plans and renderings that allow you to see it before you build it! In addition, when you visit our design center and showroom, you can see and feel actual material samples to get a better idea of what your flooring, cabinets, counter tops, light fixtures, tile, hardware, and other materials will look like, further helping you to realize the space of your dreams.

Once the planning stage is over, the Green Team kicks it into high gear with a fully licensed and insured crew that is fully dedicated to transforming your outdoor space into the comfortable haven where you can relax and unwind. With the skill and experience that comes from over a decade of successful remodeling and renovation projects in and around Atlanta, you can be confident that Green Remodeling offers a one-stop shop to cover every aspect of any home improvement project, giving you the peace of mind that you desire.


Ring in the new year by ringing us to discuss any home remodeling and renovation project you wish to tackle in 2019. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Researching to Find the Right Contractor

While the thought of taking on any home renovation or remodeling project seems like a huge, daunting one, the thought of doing it without the help and guidance of a reputable and trustworthy contractor makes it all seem that much more intimidating and stressful — maybe even impossible.

One should never underestimate the many benefits of hiring the right contractor for their home renovation project. With all the countless contracting horror stories regarding incomplete jobs, budget overruns, and missed deadlines, it’s a potential minefield to wander into without the right contractor. So where can you begin to research your options?

Ask Around

A great way to start is by utilizing all available resources to get a good lead on reputable contractors in your area. One of the best and easiest ways is to simply ask your friends, family or trusted neighbors for recommendations. Perhaps someone within your circle of trust recently had similar work done or knows someone who did. Great contractors generally hold referrals in high regard because they understand the importance of word-of-mouth in their growth and success.

Public Records

First and foremost, a reputable contractor should be licensed to work in the state and/or municipality for which you’re inquiring. In addition, because each municipality offers a process with which to file complaints, records are kept and made available for public access to help you in your consideration. Make sure to check online with local disciplinary boards or even the Better Business Bureau regarding residential and general contractors to see if there is any history of complaints or litigation against the contractor.

Internet Reviews

While this should never be the sole source of your decision making, checking the contractor’s online reviews with various websites is another great way to peel back yet another layer of information on the contractor in question. In addition to the aforementioned Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Google, and Angie’s Listcan serve as additional sources of consumer experience with a particular contractor. While Angie’s List requires a subscription to access additional information, the price of a trial membership could be viewed as money well spent to find the right contractor for the job, saving you much money and hassle down the road.

Ask for References

Ask any prospective contractor for references from past clients to determine the level of satisfaction they received from working with the contractor. Did they adhere to timelines and budget? Did they communicate well throughout the entire process? Did the project live up to expectations? These and many other questions can be answered by asking the contractor for references from recent customers.

A Contractor You Can Trust

When you start looking for contractors, start by finding one with some stability and a track history for doing excellent work in the specialties you’re looking for. The professionals at Green Remodeling have been transforming spaces for over a decade now, with a long list of satisfied customers to show for it. Specializing in most every area in or out of the home, there’s no space too large or too small to transform into the visionyou have for it.

Call Laura Green and the Green Team today for your FREE consultation!

A Game Plan for a Space That Scores Points

As the hot, lingering temps of summer have finally faded away, it’s that time of year where we always embrace a few things that are symbolic of the annual rite of passage that is the transition from summer to fall. As fallen leaves are raked into piles, scarves dug out of the closet, and pumpkin spice everything becomes widely available, most of us also love to turn our attention to football. Whether college or professional, it’s safe to say that few things help usher in the fall season like the football season does. The perfect time to gather with friends and family (usually over food), watching a football game from the warmth and comfort of your own home is truly a wonderful experience not to be missed, especially if you have the proper space.

Belly Up to the Bar

A dedicated space where you can easily host a football viewing party that allows you and your guests to spread out helps to make it even more inviting, too. And few things are as inviting to friends, family, and fellow fans as a bar area where you can serve up football, food, drinks, and good, old-fashioned hospitality. Whether you want a full replica of your favorite watering hole, complete with beer taps, stools, hi-top tables, appliances, and all the details to make your bar feel authentic, or you want an area where you can lounge and recline instead, with an adjacent wet bar and kitchenette, your plan is limited only by your imagination.

Huddle Up with an Expert

Regardless of your budget or your aspirations for your space, you’d be best served by contacting a remodeling and renovation contractorwho specializes in basement finishing and other such additions. The licensed professionals at Green Remodelinghave been doing it with excellence for a long timeand are more than qualified to help you with your vision for your bar, whether it’s in your basementor anywhere else in the house. Not only can they show you an accurate 3-D renderingof what the space will look like, but they also feature a team of experts that specialize in custom stonework, carpentry, and anything elseyour special vision requires.

To learn more about how the Green Team can champion your home remodel or renovation project, contact Laura Green and her team of MVPs today!

Create Your (Kitchen) Island Oasis

When the time comes to consider remodeling or renovation projects around the house, the kitchen is always a perennial favorite, not only with homeowners looking to get a big bang for their buck when (or if) they choose to resell, but for homebuyers looking for a relatively new and modern kitchen.

One aspect of newer kitchens that continues to rise in popularity with homeowners and prospective homebuyers alike is the kitchen island. For homeowners looking to spruce up their kitchens, an island is a great addition. Whether it’s part of a larger kitchen renovation project or merely the installation of the island itself, a kitchen island offers great benefits in form and function to the room that has quickly become the average home’s bustling hub of activity.

At Green Remodeling, we know that one of the most common complaints the average homeowner makes about their current kitchen is the lack of usable space. A kitchen island helps to solve that problem on many fronts.

Counter/Prep Space

Have you ever tried to cook or bake in your kitchen, only to realize that you usually end spending more time moving stuff around the counter in order to make room for your cooking or baking items than you do actually cooking and baking? A kitchen island gives you the convenient luxury of extra counter space.

Prep Sink

Speaking of extra prep space, a kitchen island is the perfect spot for a second sink, also known as a prep sink. Prep sinks are a wonderful addition, especially if you’re active in the kitchen. In addition to being a dedicated sink where you can wash vegetables or thaw meat, a prep sink can also be used to wash hands and make drinks.

Storage Space

Another great idea to incorporate into a kitchen island is extra storage space. Since kitchens always seem to be short on storage space, a kitchen island is a convenient location that’s not only central to the room, but in close proximity to the prep and cook areas, but to the dishwasher and sink, as well.

Seating Space

Since seating space always seems to be at a premium, a kitchen island offers a unique and convenient spot for seating. Closer to the action, kitchen island seating allows those seated to interact with the cook, which is great when entertaining during dinner parties. In addition, because of its proximity to the sink and dishwasher, it helps to make cleanup quick and efficient.

Go Green!

While there are pre-fab “islands” that you can buy from a store, they are small, often times resembling a cart, and offer none of the benefits described here. To get the most for your money, hire the professionals at Green Remodeling for a custom designed and built kitchen island that commands attention. Specializing in remodeling and renovating many different spaces in and around your home, Green Remodeling is the one to call for any and all of your upcoming projects. Whether it’s a mere kitchen island or an entire kitchen redo, Green Remodeling can get the job done on-time and on-budget!

Take It Outside

One of the best parts of owning a home is the freedom to decorate it just the way you want it. In essence, making it your own and putting your own personal touches on it so that it’s a natural expression of your own style. And seeing as to how the weather is finally warmer and it’s actually feeling like spring, this is the perfect time for homeowners to turn their attention toward their outdoor space.

Extend Your Living Space

With more and more homeowners desiring space within which to entertain, the search for additional space often times moves outside. Maximizing your living space beyond the confines of your interior walls is not only relatively easy and affordable, but makes good investment sense, providing a great return on investment when it comes time to assess your home’s value. But where to start?

Consult With a Professional Contractor

First things first, see about scheduling an initial consultation with a home renovation contractor. Most reputable contractors such as Green Remodeling offer a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss some of the details regarding what your goals and objectives are for the space before offering up an estimate for the project.

Consider the Location

You’ll want to take several things into account before choosing a final location. A contractor can consult with you to determine the best location for your outdoor space. Of course, you’ll want to find a spot that’s not only close to the house, but offers optimum views, shade, privacy, or any combination of the three, depending on what your preferences are. You might also want to take into account the position of the sun during the various times of day that you’re expecting to hang out in your new outdoor space.

Consider The Details

What do you want to do in that additional outdoor space? Aside from just getting out of the house, what do you envision will be taking place in your new outdoor area? If you’re looking to entertain, perhaps you could add a fire pit, benches for simple built-in seating, or a large TV for movies and sporting events. Do you enjoy cooking? If so, outdoor kitchens are all the rage now. You can have your very own gourmet outdoor kitchen, complete with professional appliances. Keep in mind that your budget and your imagination are your only restrictions when it comes to planning your dream outdoor space.

And when it’s time to begin the planning process on your dream space – whether it’s outdoors or indoors – Green Remodeling can help you go from dream to reality. With a full suite of contracting specialties, professional general contractor, Laura Green, and her team of home renovation and remodeling experts have spent nearly two decades satisfying the desires and dreams of hundreds of homeowners.

Contact Green Remodeling about transforming your outdoor space today!