How to Avoid Remodeling Regrets

From smaller updates to full home renovations, remodeling projects can quickly turn from fun and exciting to stressful and disappointing. At Green Basements and Remodeling we’ve seen it all and heard it all when it comes to remodeling. Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you avoid having any regrets about your project.

Have a Detailed Budget—with a Buffer

Lack of a detailed budget often turns into overspending or running out of money. Your budget dictates the renovation, making proper budgeting from the outset essential. Your budget should also include a 10% – 20% buffer for unexpected costs because they do arise, even with the most detailed budgets and design plans.

Have a Detailed Design Plan

Be diligent about your research and planning before any work gets underway. Spend time working on dream boards, using digital visualizers, and cutting pictures out of magazines to create a solid list of priorities and a detailed design plan. Collect fabrics, colors, styles, and specific materials you want emulate or duplicate and take time to learn the proper terminology for products, materials, and styles so that you can accurately communicate your wishes to your contractors. Lack of a detailed design plan at the outset of your remodel often leads to doubts or changes mid-renovation, which cost time and money.

Choose the Best Contractor—Not the Cheapest

After researching and receiving bids from your selected contractors, don’t instantly chose the “cheapest” option. You may think their lower bid price will save you money and keep your overall renovation cost down, but you will be faced with added costs if you have to fix mistakes or redo poor workmanship. Instead of focusing on the bid price alone, analyze exactly what their quote covers. Also, do your background research to be sure the contractor you choose has professional recommendations and evidence of prior quality work.

Understand DIY Doesn’t Always Save Money

Do-it-yourself projects are tempting for many remodelers. You see someone do it on TV and think you can save yourself some money. Unfortunately, the results often turn out less than stellar and the project always takes much longer than if done by a pro. Worst of all, if your DIY project is done out of order, you may have to rip everything out and start over again.

Why Green

As a general contractor and all-inclusive remodeling company, Green Basements and Remodeling is experienced with every aspect of a design/build and every type of remodeling. When you work with us you will have a dedicated Project Manager and Designer to assist you through every phase of your project, ensuring it runs smoothly and efficiently. Let’s get started on your remodeling project. Call us at (678) 736-6335, contact us through our online form, or visit our showroom today.