Fire Pits: Year-Round Outdoor Enjoyment

With home prices on the rise, it’s a wise move on the part of homeowners and homebuyers alike to try and stretch their living space as far as they can. Extending to the outdoors to either create a new patio space or renovating or expanding a current outdoor area are both great ideas that not only give you the increased space you’re looking for, but also increased home value. Fire Pits Without a doubt, you’ve spent a time or two huddled around a fire on a cold winter’s night. Perhaps you were just sitting and chatting with good friends and family and enjoying the clear night sky or you and the kids were hanging out and roasting marshmallows or making s’mores; either way, who can deny the year-round enjoyment you’d get from a skillfully designed and crafted fire pit and patio/deck area? Safety Safer than a simple, loose bonfire on the ground, a fire pit will contain the fire, keeping it secure and manageable, allowing people to get close enough to it without being in harm. In addition, they can be made to accommodate an actual wood fire or fueled with propane or natural gas. Beauty Using any of a multitude of natural and man-made materials, a fire pit can be professionally designed to match any decor or environment. With a consultative approach, the outdoor remodeling pros at Green Remodeling will work with you first to determine how you wish to use the space in order to incorporate key features in the design of your fire pit and outdoor space to create the unique environment you desire. Speaking of unique, they can also help you with landscaping, lighting, water features, and other enhancements such as gazebos, pergolas, and other luxurious additions to create the space of your dreams. Green Remodeling Whether you’re looking into making the most of the area outside your home or looking to enhance the space inside your home, the renovation experts at Green Remodeling are the ones to trust with even the most personal spaces you and your family use daily. Green Remodeling has established a strong reputation as specialists in the areas of basement finishing, kitchen and bath renovation, and most every other area of your home. For additional information about Green Remodeling and their full list of contracting specialties, you may contact them to schedule a free consultation.