Basement Remodeling Ideas

Finishing basements isn’t hard. Throw up a little dry wall and lay down some carpet and you’re pretty much done, right? At least, that’s how some contractors see it. At Green Remodeling, we think a little differently. Finishing a basement isn’t hard. What is hard, however, is making a basement that feels just as cozy and inviting as the rest as of your home. When our clients walk downstairs to their newly finished basement, we don’t want it to feel like entering a basement at all. We try to take cold, concrete cellars and turn them into gorgeous bonus rooms that coordinate seamlessly with the rest of the home. We turn barren basements into stylish, subterranean sanctuaries. We can also give those spaces in your home that have been finished once before a fabulous facelift. Some of our most popular basement projects are home theaters, custom bars and in-law suites. What have you always wanted to do with your basement? Home Theater Having a six-foot movie screen in the middle of your living room isn’t really practical… What’s a movie-loving family to do? Design the theater of their dreams and let us take care of it, that’s what. When building home theaters, many homeowners have trouble finding a company that can handle every aspect of the project from laying the floors to installing lighting and surround sound. We can handle any home theater undertaking, start to finish. Custom Bar Cocktail hour is back in a big way. It’s time to move the booze out of the kitchen and into its very own classy ground-floor quarters. Custom bars can turn any basement, large or small, into an awesome entertaining mecca. At our showroom, you can pick cabinets and countertops for your custom bar then tack on as many add-ons as you want. We have a wide selection of granite and quartz countertops and tons of fun extras to choose from – backsplashes, wine racks, shelving and more. Mother-in-law Suite A swanky in-law suite is the real sign of a great basement remodeler. To design a good one, you have to know a little bit of everything, construction-wise. You have to know about bathrooms, bedrooms and even kitchens. Whether you’re accommodating your extended family for an extended period of time or you just want somewhere nice for guests to stay, an in-law suite (for lack of a better term) will add value to your basement and your home and we’ve got the know-how to build it.