Remodeling Your Basement to Include a Guest Suite

Transform your dark and damp basement into a beautifully finished extension of your home by adding a gorgeous new guest suite. Adding a basement guest suite to your home adds a personal space for you, adult children, parents, or long-term guests. It will also boost your property value and can be offered as revenue-generating rental unit.


Creating The Perfect Basement Guest Suite

To create a comfortable and welcoming guest suite in your basement focus on adding functional and aesthetically appealing design elements.

  • Lighting: The lack of natural light often leads basements to feel cavelike. Add a variety of lighting fixtures and focus on warm lighting tones to brighten the space.
  • Flooring: Laminate flooring or tile is usually the best choice for a basement space rather than wood due to flooding risks. Layer area rugs or install radiant floor heating to combat cold feet.
  • Bathroom: The perfect basement guest suite should feel like a private residence, which means it should include a full bathroom so guests do not need to go upstairs to shower or use the restroom.
  • Kitchenette: A kitchenette will make guests feel at ease and offer a private space where they can fix a snack or drink, rather than feeling awkward in the main kitchen.
  • Finishes: Focus on finishes that add elegant touches to the space so your guest will feel special when staying with you.


Partner with the Basement Guest Suite Experts at Green

With the word basement in our name, it should come as no surprise that we specialize in remodeling and finishing high-end basements. At Green Basements & Remodeling we can help you with all aspects of your guest suite’s construction and design including securing the proper permits, incorporating sufficient safety standards (egress windows, etc.), ensuring the proper moisture barriers are in place, and that all plumbing and wiring is correctly installed, expanded, or updated. We are a fully licensed and insured contracting company with decades of experience and we will make sure your project is completed smoothly, efficiently, and 100% to your satisfaction. Check out our basement portfolio and then come visit us at our new 3500 square foot showroom where you can view samples of flooring, cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, tile, hardware and other materials that we can combine to complete your project. If you are considering transforming your basement to include a beautiful guest suite, call Green Basements and Remodeling at (678) 445-5533, visit us, or request a free estimate today.

Make Your Basement Remodeling Dreams Come True

Are you dreaming of remodeling your basement and increasing your entertaining, storage, and living space? Don’t pick up a hammer to start the project yourself or start calling dozens of individual subcontractors! Save yourself from costly mistakes by partnering with the full service team at Green Basements and Remodeling. We are knowledgable and experienced with every step of a basement remodel from assessing any existing water damage or structural issues; to the installation of proper insulation materials (flame-retardant, mold- and acoustic-resistant); to creating a cohesive, functional, and visually appealing overall aesthetic. 

Advantages of Working with an All-Inclusive Remodeler

Separately hiring designers, contractors, sub-contractors, architects, and engineers in a classic design-bid-build method can lead to lots of problems including conflicting recommendations, delays, miscommunications, and mistakes. Working with a design/build, all-inclusive remodeler, like Green Basements and Remodeling, eliminates that chaos because all of your design, planning, and construction needs are handled by a single firm. In addition to a single source of accountability, our design/build process also offers these benefits: 

  • Close communication: Potential problems are more quickly solved and there is no miscommunication between trades regarding developing design and construction details.
  • Faster project completion: A design/build project can be completed in a shorter amount of time than a design-bid-build project due to reduced bid time, a streamlined schedule, and the ability to uncover and fix potential design and construction problems early.
  • Quality control: There is no ambiguity in material and construction specifications with the design build method since the designer, engineer, and builder are from the same firm and focused on protecting the clients interest.
  • Budget management: Project costs are clearly defined and controlled by the design/build firm. After arriving at the final project price, the client can rest assured their project budget will be managed.

Why Choose Green Remodeling

Partner with Green Basements and Remodeling to make your remodeled basement dreams a reality. Visit our online basement photo gallery then come visit us at our new 3500 square foot showroom where you can view samples of flooring, cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, tile, hardware and other materials that we can combine to complete your project. We are a fully licensed and insured contracting company with decades of experience and we will make sure your project is completed smoothly, efficiently, and 100% to your satisfaction. If you are considering transforming your basement into an extension of your home, call Green Basements and Remodeling at (678) 445-5533, visit us, or request a free estimate today.

Finish That Basement!

With summer squarely in the rearview mirror now, it’s just about the right time of year to start looking ahead to the… holidays! Can you believe it already? Just as it always seems that time is simply flying by, it also seems that living space is always scarce around the holidays. Whether it’s the extra room to entertain and socialize with friends and family when they visit, or a place for them to stay while they’re in town, a finished basement adds so much form and function to a house — and now is a good time to get started, even if it’s not done by the holidays, fall is still a great time to get it done in time for next year. 

A Blank Canvas

If you’re one of the homeowners fortunate enough to even have a basement the benefit is huge, and for good reason. Not only can you carve out a great living space where friends and family can gather for socializing, movie nights, and much more, but you essentially have a blank canvas that you can design however you’d like in order to include all the features that are important to you. Whether it’s a mini-kitchen, wet bar, game room, home theater, extra bedrooms, bathrooms, extra storage space or anything else, the possibilities are truly endless.

Increased Home Value

Finishing or renovating a basement space not only helps when you want the extra space, but it also helps to add value to your home in case you ever decide to sell it. Homes in the Atlanta area with a finished basement are highly desirable to prospective buyers, which helps you to increase the return on your investment.

Fall is One of the Best Times

As you can probably imagine, outdoor construction projects tend to slow down for contractors, leaving them eager for projects during the fall and winter months. Not only might this allow some contractors to offer price breaks and other such offers, but construction materials and other things necessary for the project may also be less expensive, as well.

Green Basements & Remodeling

While there are many different ways to maximize your basement space, there is really only one way to begin such a project; that’s with the expert help that can only come from a licensed contractor. Green Basements & Remodeling specializes in basement finishing and remodeling, and so much more. With a complete in-house design center featuring state-of-the-art 3D renderings that allow you to see your space before construction even begins, the experts on the Green Team can walk you through the entire process from start to finish to ensure that your basement project is uniquely crafted to suit you and your family.

Call for a FREE estimate today!

Researching to Find the Right Contractor

While the thought of taking on any home renovation or remodeling project seems like a huge, daunting one, the thought of doing it without the help and guidance of a reputable and trustworthy contractor makes it all seem that much more intimidating and stressful — maybe even impossible. One should never underestimate the many benefits of hiring the right contractor for their home renovation project. With all the countless contracting horror stories regarding incomplete jobs, budget overruns, and missed deadlines, it’s a potential minefield to wander into without the right contractor. So where can you begin to research your options? Ask Around A great way to start is by utilizing all available resources to get a good lead on reputable contractors in your area. One of the best and easiest ways is to simply ask your friends, family or trusted neighbors for recommendations. Perhaps someone within your circle of trust recently had similar work done or knows someone who did. Great contractors generally hold referrals in high regard because they understand the importance of word-of-mouth in their growth and success. Public Records First and foremost, a reputable contractor should be licensed to work in the state and/or municipality for which you’re inquiring. In addition, because each municipality offers a process with which to file complaints, records are kept and made available for public access to help you in your consideration. Make sure to check online with local disciplinary boards or even the Better Business Bureau regarding residential and general contractors to see if there is any history of complaints or litigation against the contractor. Internet Reviews While this should never be the sole source of your decision making, checking the contractor’s online reviews with various websites is another great way to peel back yet another layer of information on the contractor in question. In addition to the aforementioned Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Google, and Angie’s Listcan serve as additional sources of consumer experience with a particular contractor. While Angie’s List requires a subscription to access additional information, the price of a trial membership could be viewed as money well spent to find the right contractor for the job, saving you much money and hassle down the road. Ask for References Ask any prospective contractor for references from past clients to determine the level of satisfaction they received from working with the contractor. Did they adhere to timelines and budget? Did they communicate well throughout the entire process? Did the project live up to expectations? These and many other questions can be answered by asking the contractor for references from recent customers. A Contractor You Can Trust When you start looking for contractors, start by finding one with some stability and a track history for doing excellent work in the specialties you’re looking for. The professionals at Green Remodeling have been transforming spaces for over a decade now, with a long list of satisfied customers to show for it. Specializing in most every area in or out of the home, there’s no space too large or too small to transform into the visionyou have for it. Call Laura Green and the Green Team today for your FREE consultation!

Raising the Bar with Green Basements & Remodeling

When it comes to home remodeling and renovation projects, one of our favorite projects here at Green Basements & Remodeling is when we get to finish or remodel a basement. Basements are a unique space — unlike any other space in the house, basements are like a blank canvas that allow you to go wild with anything from form to function. One popular trend nowadays that’s made a comeback from it’s 80’s heyday is the bar.   How About a Bar? For the last 20 years or so, it’s been the trend that the kitchen is the de facto hub of the house. The site of much activity and social interaction, the kitchen is the perfect spot for entertaining friends and family while everybody gathers around a meal, snacks, drinks, and the like. But if you have a basement, you can take this whole entertaining and gathering thing to the next level with a bar designed and built with just that in mind. And the basement specialists at Green Basements & Remodeling can help!   Bar Trends An even better place to gather, host, and unwind, a basement bar is a great way to take your entertaining to the next level, especially if it’s adjacent to a living room/den area to maximize the number of people that can be entertained. Current bar trends lean heavily in the direction of convenience with the idea of creating a relaxing and inviting area separate area from the kitchen that can accommodate everything necessary to host a group of thirsty (and maybe even hungry) people. Major appliances not only help to enhance the look of the bar, but some appliances, such as dishwashers, can enhance the functionality of the space, alleviating the need to either carry dirty dishes to the main kitchen where they can be washed or washing them by hand at the bar. And what bar would be complete without a refrigerator, refrigerated wine cooler, and kegerator? Speaking of wine storage, you can include wine storage in your custom cabinet design. Given the “blank slate” potential that a basement space holds, the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing and creating a custom bar area for your basement. With Green Remodeling, you can visit our professional designers’ showroom and choose from a dazzling array of custom cabinet styles, finishes, and hardware.   Go with the Green Team Even before that, our Green Team design consultants can offer 3D design renderings and concepts so that you can actually “see” your new space before we build it. You’ll find the professional and consultative approach we take with our clients to be helpful in not only visualizing pre-construction details, but scope of work and project cost estimates, as well, which all help to keep costs down.   For more information about how the home remodeling specialists at Green Remodeling can help you transform all the different areas of your home, contact the Green Team today!

All About That Basement

If you’re a homeowner, it’s safe to say that you’re probably never quite fully satisfied with the current state of your home, at any given point in time. Seemingly always a work in progress, the work and responsibility of being a homeowner never truly goes away. If it’s not the daily list of things that you’re having to maintain on a constant basis (such as the yard, for example), there’s probably another list of things that you’d love to get to “someday”. And that’s perfectly normal. Return on Investment Perhaps it’s changing the flooring in a certain part of the house, redoing the kitchen, or extending your living space by way of a deck addition, it may sometimes feel like you’ll never get to it all. That’s why one of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “What renovation project provides the best and quickest boost to my home’s value?” While kitchens almost always provide a wonderful financial return on your investment (ROI), choosing to finish a basement is another favorite option, as well. All About That Basement Not only does finishing a basement provide long-term financial return, it also provides immediate use and availability. Often times unfinished and left dark, only to be used as storage space, basements provide great potential living space without having to add on to an existing floor plan. A finished basement can dramatically increase the amount of usable living space for the entire family. Whether it’s a full-fledged home theater, family room, game room, guest bedrooms, in-law suite, mini-kitchen or all of the above, there’s no shortage of potential ideas for a basement you’re looking to finish. A Contractor You Can Trust And because of the various potential living spaces that a finished basement can accommodate, it’s important that you have the right contractor on the job. A proper contractor will begin by consulting with you to determine exactly how you wish to use the space and how you’d like it to look at the end of the project. With the experience and knowledge that can only come from years of contracting home remodeling and renovation projects for every part of the house, you can trust Laura Green and her team of licensed professionals at Green Basements & Remodeling. A one-stop contractor, Green Remodeling specializes in everything from basements, kitchens, baths, interior, exterior, and exquisite custom carpentry. Contact one of their design experts today and experience for yourself the satisfaction that comes from a Team Green project!

Man Caves: Are You Ready for Some Football?

With the start of football season looming just around the corner, it’s time to begin considering just where it is that you and your fellow fans are going to gather for the next five months or so to watch your favorite professional and college teams do battle. While many are fine with gathering wherever there’s a TV, plenty of food, drink, and some comfy reclining furniture, there are a few hardcore fans that will choose to dedicate an entire room or portion of the house to the ritual. Whether it’s a basement, bonus room, spare bedroom, or some other area you’re looking to renovate into a full-blown man cave, you’d be best served by a trusted, licensed contractor who can help you with all the ins and outs of creating a space that’s made-to-order and on time. Sure, there’s not enough time to create a brand new space in time for the start of this football season, but a man cave/movie room offers year-round fun and entertainment value for the entire family. Let’s say, for instance, that you’ve decided to use an unfinished basement for your new space. Great! Now what? What’s next? What must it have? What are your preferences? Stuck already? Well, lucky for you, Laura Green and her team of professionals at Green Basements & Remodeling know everything there is to know about creating amazing living spaces out of the virtual emptiness and shell of an unfinished basement – on time and on budget. From the most basic needs such as plumbing (who wants to run upstairs for bathroom breaks?) and air conditioning to the luxury of a fully-appointed kitchen and wet bar, there are a hundred different things to consider when planning and building your new area. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted expert like Green Remodeling to help you along the way. They can even plan your space virtually, allowing you to “see” what it will look like before it’s even done, helping you to envision a space that’s as comfortable as it is unique to your and your style preferences. Speaking of personal preferences, a man cave/movie room should be as unique as the owners. Reflective of the owner’s hobbies and interests, a finished basement serves as a great place to showcase items that aren’t always suited for any other room in the house, such as sports/movie memorabilia. Another great element is the addition of game tables such as a billiards table or ping-pong table. No matter how you decide to finish your basement or how you choose to use your new room, you can be sure that Green Remodeling can help you transform any area in your home into the living space of your dreams. Simply contact a Green Remodeling expert today!

Stop the Mud (and the Madness) with an Organized Mudroom

With all the torrential rain and afternoon thunderstorms we’ve been getting lately, it’s a pretty safe bet that there’s some mud and dirt being tracked unnecessarily into your home. Sure, you’ve equipped yourself with an arsenal of brooms, dustpans, vacuums, and mops to battle the mess, but it’s an endless fight that you’ll never truly win. Mud Stopper One option that goes a long way in helping to gain an advantage in fighting the mud and dirt from getting into the recesses of your home is a mudroom. A mudroom is basically a room or designated space between your primary point of entry and the rest of the home – usually just inside the garage and preferably adjacent to the laundry room/area  – that usually incorporates seating, storage, and a mud-friendly floor. Seating & Storage Since you’ll be stopping in your mudroom to remove your shoes, rain/snow boots, and the like, you’ll be best served by putting some bench seating in the area. Bench seats can incorporate storage space underneath that can be used for shoe and boot storage. Consider using overhead storage shelves to keep frequently used items within convenient distance of the door and within easy reach. For added convenience, use hooks along the walls to catch jackets, bags, backpacks, and other necessities. Extra Amenities In addition to the basic features, you can also maximize the available space by adding some custom amenities that add form as well as function. Some mudrooms go the extra mile when it comes to organization by incorporating individual “lockers” or cubbyholes that can be assigned to each member of the family for personalization and convenience. Basically, you’re limited only by your imagination when it comes to renovating or adding on a new space. Whether it’s a space for an umbrella stand to hold your wet umbrellas until it’s time to head out again, a floor length mirror to catch one last look before leaving the house or, for the ultimate in convenience, a tiled, mini-shower with drain that can double as a pet-bathing station and kid-rinsing room to get the extra mud off after a dirty day playing outside. And last but not least, make sure to go with a tile or laminate floor that can withstand the elements and is easy to sweep and mop. Adding a mudroom to your existing space doesn’t just make your life easier, it also adds value to your home, which is always a great thing when it comes to home renovations and upgrades, which makes it a win/win. Trust Green Remodeling to make the most of your budget and your available space, whether it’s a mudroom or any other space inside (or outside) your home. Contact the home remodeling and renovation experts at Green Remodeling for your free estimate today!

3 Summer Home Renovations That Cut Energy Costs

With the official arrival of summer, it’s also that time of year to welcome the sweltering Southern heat and the increased cost of keeping your house cool. It seems as if the constant heat is rivaled only by the constant need to run your air conditioning 24/7. Here are few investments and home renovations you can make to help keep energy costs down when the temps go up. Energy Efficient Windows If you live in an older home or find that you are spending way too much on energy costs, perhaps it’s time to look into replacing your existing windows with energy efficient windows that will save you money all year-round. While it’s not exactly a cheap fix, installing energy efficient windows is an investment that not only cuts energy costs, but adds to your home’s resale value. Energy efficient windows have a wide price range and feature everything from double panes, reflective coating, and weather stripping, all the up to having argon gas between the panes. Replacing your windows also allows you the opportunity to seal up drafty spots around the windows, preventing cool air from escaping when it’s hot outside and keeping warm air from escaping when it’s cold outside. Make sure to look into available tax credits when replacing windows, too. Insulation To further “seal up” the house, it may also be time to add new insulation. When it comes to energy costs, the attic and basement (foundation) are – pardon the pun – hot spots for increased energy costs. If you have an unfinished basement, make sure to have a professional add sealant to any exposed concrete. If your basement is finished, make certain that your walls are properly insulated. If they’re not, you can have a professional add loose-fill insulation without having to open the wall up. As for insulating the attic, there are many different forms of insulation that you can use to get the job done. Whether spray foam, fiberglass or cellulose, proper insulation will add comfort and cost savings year-round. Look for special tax credits, as well. Storm Doors Summer is also a great time to upgrade your front (and/or back) door with the addition of a storm door. Installed in front of your existing exterior door, a storm door features glass and screen panels that allow you to keep your exterior door open to allow natural light and air in while keeping the entryway closed and secure from bugs and other things you wish to keep out. In addition to the extra curb appeal, the increased ventilation can help to keep air moving throughout the house, bringing your cooling costs down. Trust a Professional For over a decade, Green Remodeling has worked hard to turn their clients’ dream home visions into reality. With an experienced staff of licensed designers and project managers, they will consult with you during every facet of your project – from start to finish – to ensure that your home remodel/renovation project exceeds expectations without exceeding your budget or timetable. Whether it’s something as simple as helping to improve your energy savings or a full renovation that transforms your kitchen or bathroom into an amazing blend of form and function, they offer a full assortment of services guaranteed to improve on the very personal and precious investment known as your home. Contact Green Remodeling for all your home improvement needs.

Get Custom: Incorporate Unique Touches in Your Home

Custom touches make your home unique, so have you considered breaking out of your cookie cutter style and adding an eye-catching feature (or two) to your home? Custom barn doors, barrel vault ceilings, dumbwaiters, hidden pantries, and safe rooms are just a few ways you can make a statement in your home. Barn Doors Barn doors are beautiful and extremely functional. They eliminate the empty space necessary for a regular door’s range of motion and they are easier to open and close. A majority of the door’s weight and strain is removed from the user, with a door hung on a track. This type of door would be perfect for a tight space in your home. Barrel Vault Ceilings A barrel vault ceiling features a continuous arched brick or stone surface, resembling the inside of a barrel. Originally used in ancient Egyptian and Roman architecture, in medieval Europe the barrel vault was often seen in monasteries, castles, tower houses, cloisters, and great halls. What a perfectly decadent feature to add to one of your home’s long hallways. Dumbwaiters If you’re only looking to move objects between floors of your home, rather than people, there’s no need for a full elevator. Dumbwaiters are an ideal solution for many multi-story homes. You will not only reduce you and your family’s physical strain from lugging heavy bags, groceries, cleaning supplies, and meals between floors, you’ll add a great amount of convenience. No more spilling drinks on the stairs! Hidden Pantries and Safe Rooms Cover the entrance to your kitchen’s walk-in pantry to give a sleek unified look to your space, all while maintaining the functional properties of a pantry. With a streamlined row of cabinets, unless you already know the pantry is next to the stove, no one would ever guess. Another hidden feature that has seen a rise in popularity is a safe room. When a tornado or hurricane strikes you need a safe place for you and your family to take shelter, especially if your home does not have a basement. These safe rooms are usually on a ground-floor in an area where the foundation has been reinforced with steel and concrete. You can also elevate the security of this space to create a panic room for protection against home invasions. In business for over 10 years, with two showrooms, one stop contracting, and design services, Green Remodeling can help you turn your home into the unique piece of art you and your family deserve. Contact us today to “Get Custom” and find out why Green Remodeling is smart remodeling.