Raising the Bar with Green Basements & Remodeling

When it comes to home remodeling and renovation projects, one of our favorite projects here at Green Basements & Remodeling is when we get to finish or remodel a basement. Basements are a unique space — unlike any other space in the house, basements are like a blank canvas that allow you to go wild with anything from form to function. One popular trend nowadays that’s made a comeback from it’s 80’s heyday is the bar.   How About a Bar? For the last 20 years or so, it’s been the trend that the kitchen is the de facto hub of the house. The site of much activity and social interaction, the kitchen is the perfect spot for entertaining friends and family while everybody gathers around a meal, snacks, drinks, and the like. But if you have a basement, you can take this whole entertaining and gathering thing to the next level with a bar designed and built with just that in mind. And the basement specialists at Green Basements & Remodeling can help!   Bar Trends An even better place to gather, host, and unwind, a basement bar is a great way to take your entertaining to the next level, especially if it’s adjacent to a living room/den area to maximize the number of people that can be entertained. Current bar trends lean heavily in the direction of convenience with the idea of creating a relaxing and inviting area separate area from the kitchen that can accommodate everything necessary to host a group of thirsty (and maybe even hungry) people. Major appliances not only help to enhance the look of the bar, but some appliances, such as dishwashers, can enhance the functionality of the space, alleviating the need to either carry dirty dishes to the main kitchen where they can be washed or washing them by hand at the bar. And what bar would be complete without a refrigerator, refrigerated wine cooler, and kegerator? Speaking of wine storage, you can include wine storage in your custom cabinet design. Given the “blank slate” potential that a basement space holds, the sky’s the limit when it comes to designing and creating a custom bar area for your basement. With Green Remodeling, you can visit our professional designers’ showroom and choose from a dazzling array of custom cabinet styles, finishes, and hardware.   Go with the Green Team Even before that, our Green Team design consultants can offer 3D design renderings and concepts so that you can actually “see” your new space before we build it. You’ll find the professional and consultative approach we take with our clients to be helpful in not only visualizing pre-construction details, but scope of work and project cost estimates, as well, which all help to keep costs down.   For more information about how the home remodeling specialists at Green Remodeling can help you transform all the different areas of your home, contact the Green Team today!