Create Your (Kitchen) Island Oasis

When the time comes to consider remodeling or renovation projects around the house, the kitchen is always a perennial favorite, not only with homeowners looking to get a big bang for their buck when (or if) they choose to resell, but for homebuyers looking for a relatively new and modern kitchen. One aspect of newer kitchens that continues to rise in popularity with homeowners and prospective homebuyers alike is the kitchen island. For homeowners looking to spruce up their kitchens, an island is a great addition. Whether it’s part of a larger kitchen renovation project or merely the installation of the island itself, a kitchen island offers great benefits in form and function to the room that has quickly become the average home’s bustling hub of activity. At Green Remodeling, we know that one of the most common complaints the average homeowner makes about their current kitchen is the lack of usable space. A kitchen island helps to solve that problem on many fronts. Counter/Prep Space Have you ever tried to cook or bake in your kitchen, only to realize that you usually end spending more time moving stuff around the counter in order to make room for your cooking or baking items than you do actually cooking and baking? A kitchen island gives you the convenient luxury of extra counter space. Prep Sink Speaking of extra prep space, a kitchen island is the perfect spot for a second sink, also known as a prep sink. Prep sinks are a wonderful addition, especially if you’re active in the kitchen. In addition to being a dedicated sink where you can wash vegetables or thaw meat, a prep sink can also be used to wash hands and make drinks. Storage Space Another great idea to incorporate into a kitchen island is extra storage space. Since kitchens always seem to be short on storage space, a kitchen island is a convenient location that’s not only central to the room, but in close proximity to the prep and cook areas, but to the dishwasher and sink, as well. Seating Space Since seating space always seems to be at a premium, a kitchen island offers a unique and convenient spot for seating. Closer to the action, kitchen island seating allows those seated to interact with the cook, which is great when entertaining during dinner parties. In addition, because of its proximity to the sink and dishwasher, it helps to make cleanup quick and efficient. Go Green! While there are pre-fab “islands” that you can buy from a store, they are small, often times resembling a cart, and offer none of the benefits described here. To get the most for your money, hire the professionals at Green Remodeling for a custom designed and built kitchen island that commands attention. Specializing in remodeling and renovating many different spaces in and around your home, Green Remodeling is the one to call for any and all of your upcoming projects. Whether it’s a mere kitchen island or an entire kitchen redo, Green Remodeling can get the job done on-time and on-budget!