Granite Countertops: Rock Solid

When it comes to kitchen remodeling projects, there are a few popular items that nearly every kitchen renovation client chooses to address as part of their needs. While some opt to increase their storage space (and the style quotient) by upgrading their cabinets, another area that’s just as important and just as popular is the countertop. And when it comes to kitchen countertops, few materials come close to granite countertops in matching its look and durability. Granite is Beautiful Because granite is a natural material, it possesses unique style characteristics not found in any other possible countertop material. Millions of years in the making, granite is made up entirely of various minerals and crystals that have bonded together seamlessly under extreme pressure, heat, and over an unimaginably long amount of time. This process creates a crystalline rock that’s incredibly hard and magnificent in its beauty. Composed of countless grains of color, granite is also accentuated by long, random lines of color that cross the slab to catch light and add visual interest. And because granite is made up of different types of crystals, it makes it easier to match the colors of your specific design plan. Synonymous with elegance and luxury, granite is the perfect material for anyone looking to add sophistication to their kitchen. Granite is Durable It’s almost silly to have to point out, given the fact that it’s a material that’s millions of years old, but granite is an incredibly durable material to use for a kitchen countertop. The interlocking crystals that have been pressed together under intense heat and pressure are what give granite its durable characteristics, making it an ideal material for the kitchen. For example, those who love to cook can chop and slice on the counter without fear of chipping or scratching the countertop. Another benefit for cooks is that granite resists heat, which makes it ideal for a resting place for hot pots and pans. In addition, properly sealed granite resists stains from spilled liquids and is easy to wipe up and keep clean. Go Green for Granite Just as you can trust granite to be a spectacular option for the kitchen countertop, you can trust Atlanta’s hometown favorite, Green Remodeling, for all your remodeling and renovation needs — even beyond the kitchen. For more information on any of our other contracting services or a free consultation regarding your specific needs, contact us today and see what sets Team Green apart from the rest!