Custom Built-Ins for Convenient Storage in Any Room

Now that school is back in full swing and your family has probably already gotten sucked into the seemingly never ending routine of homework, school activities, sports, and all the other things our kids take part in, you’ve probably noticed a increasing amount of the associated clutter that seems to be piling up all around the house. Whether it’s sports equipment, clothing, books, papers, files, etc., it all has the ability to get away from us before we know it, leaving us feeling disorganized and stressed. While all the activity is pretty common for this time of year, the clutter and lack of storage that comes with it doesn’t need to be. If you know that you’re in need of some extra storage space, but don’t quite know how or where to come by it, you might be a perfect candidate for custom built-in storage, handcrafted by a professional carpenter. Custom-Crafted Form & Function Use your walls and the full height from floor to ceiling to add built-in shelving and cabinets to any room of the house. Use open shelving wherever it is you’re storing items that you’d like to display, while closed cabinets can help keep the other stuff hidden and out of the way. If it’s sports equipment you’re trying to keep at bay, consider a built-in wall unit in the garage to keep unnecessary items like sports equipment from even making it into the house. Create a space for every specific item you need to store to increase the chances of it making its way back to the same spot. Not all built-ins need to start at the floor, either; if you’re pressed for the extra floor space in the garage (or any other room), feel free to add hanging cabinets to the walls to keep the stuff up and off the ground. The beautiful form and function of a custom-crafted built-infixture is an instant upgrade that’s perfect for any room of the house. Trust a Local Professional While “getting organized” and “reducing clutter” sound like huge, daunting tasks, you don’t need to be intimidated by the thought of it. It’s actually quite easy when you contact a local professional like the experts at Green Remodeling. With a team of master carpenters and craftsmen available to help you plan, design, build and finish your built-in fixture (or anything else you desire), you’ll have all the help you’ll need to tackle your most troublesome areas of the house. With over a decade of experience in the remodeling and renovation business, you can be sure that if it can be built, Green Remodeling has either already built itor is certainly up to the task of building it for you in order to create the living space of your dreams.