All About That Basement

If you’re a homeowner, it’s safe to say that you’re probably never quite fully satisfied with the current state of your home, at any given point in time. Seemingly always a work in progress, the work and responsibility of being a homeowner never truly goes away. If it’s not the daily list of things that you’re having to maintain on a constant basis (such as the yard, for example), there’s probably another list of things that you’d love to get to “someday”. And that’s perfectly normal. Return on Investment Perhaps it’s changing the flooring in a certain part of the house, redoing the kitchen, or extending your living space by way of a deck addition, it may sometimes feel like you’ll never get to it all. That’s why one of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “What renovation project provides the best and quickest boost to my home’s value?” While kitchens almost always provide a wonderful financial return on your investment (ROI), choosing to finish a basement is another favorite option, as well. All About That Basement Not only does finishing a basement provide long-term financial return, it also provides immediate use and availability. Often times unfinished and left dark, only to be used as storage space, basements provide great potential living space without having to add on to an existing floor plan. A finished basement can dramatically increase the amount of usable living space for the entire family. Whether it’s a full-fledged home theater, family room, game room, guest bedrooms, in-law suite, mini-kitchen or all of the above, there’s no shortage of potential ideas for a basement you’re looking to finish. A Contractor You Can Trust And because of the various potential living spaces that a finished basement can accommodate, it’s important that you have the right contractor on the job. A proper contractor will begin by consulting with you to determine exactly how you wish to use the space and how you’d like it to look at the end of the project. With the experience and knowledge that can only come from years of contracting home remodeling and renovation projects for every part of the house, you can trust Laura Green and her team of licensed professionals at Green Basements & Remodeling. A one-stop contractor, Green Remodeling specializes in everything from basements, kitchens, baths, interior, exterior, and exquisite custom carpentry. Contact one of their design experts today and experience for yourself the satisfaction that comes from a Team Green project!