Design Trend Spotlight: Sliding Barn Doors

With the trend in rustic interior decoration and design in full swing, many style experts are continuing to bet on a refined farmhouse look for the home once again this year. The key, however, is to utilize the look in small design elements rather than transforming the entire interior of your home into an old farmhouse from the 1800s, hence the keyword, “refined”. Easy & Affordable One design element that’s relatively easy and affordable to incorporate anywhere in your home is a sliding barn door. Not only does it serve an aesthetic purpose in keeping with the rustic/farmhouse decor, but it also serves a wonderful function as a space-saver over a traditional door that must allow for swing clearance, which eats up valuable space in the room that ends up going unused. It also serves as an easier and more affordable alternative to a pocket door, which, aside from being more difficult to install, doesn’t look as stylish as a sliding barn door. As Unique as Its Surroundings There are several variationsof barn doors that can be used, depending on taste, decor, and specific room layout. Aside from the traditional single door variation on a standard-width entry, a wide entryway into an adjacent room can be well accented by large double barn doors that meet in the middle of the entryway to close, and slide out of the way in opposite directions to open up to the next room. When open, the doors help to “frame” the view into the other room, creating a natural focal point that creates visual interest and draws the eye curiously into the next room. Sliding barn doors are also a wonderful replacement over standard folding closet doors. In addition, sliding barn doors can be used to hide a small workspace in a home office or den when not in use. In other words, your use of the sliding barn door as a design element is limited only by your imagination and ability to make your vision come to life. Call on Green Remodeling To help make that vision come to life, contactthe professionals at Green Remodelingfor the very best in home remodeling and renovation. Specializing in everything from large scale basement, kitchen, or bathroomremodels to something as small — yet just as important — as installing sliding barn doors, Laura Green and her team of home renovation experts will consult with you fully to first determine how it is you currently use the space and what you expect of it. A virtual one-stop shop for all thingsrelating to improving your home and how you use it and live in it, Green Remodeling can help you with nearly any facet of your home’s interior or exterior.