Bathroom Sink Mounting Options

Choosing a bathroom sink may seem like an easy task at first but can quickly become overwhelming. Last month we discussed factors to consider when selecting your sinks, such as style and lifestyle, storage options, available space and configuration, size and shape, and faucet compatibility. This month we will be showcasing the variety of mounting options available:

  • Undermount: A great choice for busy family bathrooms, the lack of rim on an undermount sink makes it easy to clean while offering a seamless look.
  • Top-mount: Generally less expensive than undermount sinks and the easiest type of sink to install, a top-mount (also called self-rimming or drop-in) sink is designed to allow most of the sink to sit below the counter, with just the rim sitting on top.
  • Wall-mount: Wall-mounted sinks attach directly to the wall with visible plumbing beneath. The lack of cabinets beneath a wall-mounted sink offers a clean, open look but does not offer an area for storage.
  • Pedestal: Like wall-mounted sinks, a pedestal sink basin is also attached to the wall but it rests on a pedestal that supports it from underneath. These sinks work well in small bathrooms and powder rooms where storage and counter space are not priorities.
  • Vessel: A vessel sink is a large, free-standing bowl that sits on top of the vanity. These dramatic sinks are best suited for master baths and powder rooms where you want to add striking focal point.
  • Integrated: Integrated sinks provide a clean, sleek, all-in-one answer by combining a countertop and bathroom sink together. This type of sink is easy to clean due to its lack of ridges and seams, making it a great choice for busy family bathrooms.
  • Semirecessed: Semirecessed sinks have a basin that extends beyond a narrow ledge or vanity allowing users to get closer to the sink to reach the faucet without the obstruction of a countertop and cabinets. This type of sink is a good choice for children’s bathrooms and tight spaces.
  • Washplane: Slim, streamlined washplane sinks feature a trough under the sink to catch water before it runs into the waste pipe. These shallow sinks do not have plug options so they are best suited for powder rooms where they will be used only for hand washing.
  • Console: Similar to a wall mounted sink, a traditional console sink is supported by two “legs” mounted at the front of the sink. Console sinks typically have generous counter space and open shelving below.
  • Corner: If bathroom space is tight, consider using a triangular corner sink. These small sinks easily fit in an empty corner and are available in both pedestal and wall-mount options.

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