Age-in-Place Remodeling

Over 40 million Americans are 65 and older, our nation’s average life expectancy is steadily increasing (currently almost 80 years old!), and Baby Boomers are generally in better physical condition than their predecessors. The trend of previous generations to move to retirement communities and independent living facilities is changing with many empty nesters, retirees, and seniors now choosing to age-in-place at their homes. Rethinking home design and remodeling areas of a home to the unique requirements of its residents often allows for extended years of comfortable independence.   Age-in-Place Remodeling Projects
  • Kitchens: Bringing countertops and cabinets down from 34 inches off the floor to a more accessible 30 inches off the floor creates a mores accessible space for wheelchair or scooter users.
  • Bathrooms: Heavy bath bars and grab bars are easy additions that can help prevent falls throughout a bathroom. Step-through tubs, curdles showers, and comfort-height toilets provide additional layers of safety and convenience.
  • Flooring: Slick, hard stone floors can be replaced with more slip-resistant flooring materials, such as vinyl and linoleum.
  • Lighting: Lighted switches and motion-activated lighting are two convenient safety features preferred by residents as their ability to see at night and in darkened areas deteriorates.
  • Doorways: Widening doorways beyond 32 inches allows users full access, even if they are using a wheelchair or scooter
  • Functional details: Small details like switching out round doorknobs for easy-grip levers that don’t require a twisting motion is especially helpful for people with arthritis and other mobility issues.
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