Preparing for Your Kitchen Remodel

When you envision the end result of your beautiful kitchen remodel you probably gloss over the part where you’ll be living in your home throughout the construction process. All remodels take patience and perseverance, but preparing for your project in advance can reduce the amount of inconvenience you will experience in the weeks or months you will be living without a fully functioning kitchen. Here are a few tips from Green Basements & Remodeling to make your kitchen remodel a bit less stressful.   Establish Storage Areas Before your project even begins you must move everything out of the kitchen. This is a great time to purge any old, broken, or unused items. Establish a dedicated storage for all remaining items while your project is in process. Basements, garages, and spare bedrooms can be utilized but if those aren’t options and you just don’t have room onsite, you will need to consider offsite options such as friends’ and family members’ homes or storage units.   Create a Temporary Kitchen Dining out, delivery, and carryout are great meal solutions while you don’t have a working kitchen, but these options can get tiresome and put a strain on your budget. By setting up a temporary kitchen you will have a spot where you can brew your morning coffee and put together a few basic meals. Choose a dust-free space somewhere that’s out of the way of construction to serve as your temporary kitchen. Add a table, chairs, and shelves or storage crates for your pantry items and necessary equipment, such as a microwave, coffeemaker, electric kettle, toaster oven, electric griddle and slow cooker. The refrigerator and freezer in your temporary kitchen can be stocked with individually portioned microwaveable meals before moving everything out of your kitchen. Paper plates, cups, napkins, and plastic utensils will cut down on dishes to be washed. You may also want to keep a knife, cutting board, and few of your favorite spices on hand. Don’t forget that your grill can do more than just roast meat and vegetables. Get adventurous and bake pizzas, biscuits, rolls, and skillet pies. Keep a stash of nonperishable and “grab and go” snacks available like peanut butter, crackers, sliced bread, dried fruit, canned goods, trail mix, cereal, soup, and fruit.   Plan a Few Getaways Giving yourself a few breaks throughout your project can give you the renewed energy you need to complete a renovation. Taking a mini vacation can be difficult in the time of COVID-19, but renting a hotel room for a night, spending a few days at one of your family or friends’ homes, or renting a recreational vehicle can provide a much needed respite from your project.   Stay Calm and Focus on the Big Picture When you find yourself in the middle of your project, beginning to panic and feeling overwhelmed, focus on the beautiful end result. Your kitchen remodel is only temporary. Remember, you will be enjoying your new kitchen shortly and for many years to come.   Partner with Green Basements & Remodeling Ready to remodel your kitchen? Our curated team of professionals is ready to walk you through our all-inclusive process. Your kitchen renovation will have a dedicated team solely focused on your job and ready to create the kitchen of your dreams!