Your Green Home: Integrate Eco-Friendly Trends into Your Remodeling Project

Integrating green trends into your home remodeling project isn’t just better for the planet, it’s also better for your health and long-term finances. By incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly building and design trends, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency, improve its comfort, breathe healthier indoor air, and lower your overall maintenance costs.

VOC-Free Flooring and Paint

Carpets and synthetic (especially vinyl which is built from plastic) floor coverings may contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which discharge into the air of your home. Wood and stone flooring do not release VOCs and are easier to clean and maintain, making them well suited for homes with pets or allergy sufferers. Reclaimed wood floors are a very popular option. Recycled tile is also a great choice for areas of your home in need of a stronger surface, like bathrooms and kitchens. VOCs are also transported through wall paint. Look for “low-odor,” “low-VOC,” or water-based paints.

Correct Lighting

Choose energy-efficient windows and doors to maximize your home’s natural light during the day and add a low voltage lighting system with fluorescent bulbs for nighttime use. Fluorescent bulbs convert a majority of their energy into light compared to incandescent bulbs, which drain energy quickly.

Water-Saving Toilets

Most older toilets waste as much as 6 gallons of water per flush, but there’s a much better alternative. Water-saving options such as low-flow or dual-flush toilets can significantly contribute to reducing a household’s water consumption. Incorporating these toilets into a remodel is an easy and immediate way to save water and money.

Organic Textiles and Upholstery

The fire-retardants in many upholstery cloths, rugs, curtains, and carpeting contain formaldehyde, memory foam, dioxin, and brominated fire retardants. These additives can off-gas into the air causing lung and eye irritation. Consider organic cotton, wools, or silks when possible.

Green Knows About Green!

Green living can be incorporated into any remodeling project, but it’s important to partner with the best team. When you choose Green Basements and Remodeling, you are partnering with a general contractor and all-inclusive remodeling company. We are continually focused on successful outcomes for every client and project and we are always knowledgeable about industry trends and product technology advancements. Make your home a healthier place to live. Request an estimate or call us at 678-445-5533 to get started on your project today.  

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Creating an Enticing Entryway with Green Remodeling

Whenever anybody thinks of their home and the first impression it gives, most probably think about the front exterior of the home and the  “curb appeal” it holds for people looking at the house from the street or the driveway. But when you think more deeply about it, what about the impression the actual interior of the home gives off? First Things First Whether you call it a foyer or an entryway, it’s usually the first thing your guests see when they come inside, and how it looks to them makes all the difference in making a great first impression. Part welcoming center, part landing strip, your foyer serves many purposes and must serve them dutifully and beautifully. Here are just a few unique features you can incorporate into your entryway to set the stage for the rest of your house. Your Front Door When you think of your entryway and how to make it stand out, take a literal step backward and assess your front door first. Part of the entryway, your door makes a statement and preps your guests for what’s behind it. While you want something beautiful and impactful, you’ll also want something strong and secure. Raise the elegance factor and consider a door and sidelight combination for extra design flair. Consider a bold color for added contrast and curb appeal. Coat/Shoe Storage/Bench While more form than function, a coat/shoe closet is a convenient and effective use of entryway/foyer space that helps to keep the foyer looking tidy. In addition, for a more casual foyer that’s as stylish as it is functional, convert an existing closet into a discreet “mini-mudroom” complete with a shoe storage bench that not only offers a space where you can sit to take your shoes off, but hanging hooks for coats and bags when not in use. Proper Lighting It’s no secret that brightly-lit spaces are naturally welcoming, which makes the entryway the perfect space to go all out with your different lighting options. Whether you opt for the elegant charm of a chandelier or the modern, yet traditional, pendant light, you should make full use of your vertical space and add a hanging fixture that draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of a taller space. In addition, consider using space-saving, built-in fixtures such as wall sconces and even track lighting for a professional touch. One-Stop Contracting When it comes to a professional touch in home renovation and remodeling, nobody comes close to Green Remodeling. With a team of experienced designers and craftsmen specializing in every area of home improvement, Green Remodeling is the perfect one-stop shop for all your renovation needs, inside and outside your home. The perfect blend of skill and service, locally-owned and operated Green Remodeling has been a favorite of Atlanta-area homeowners for well over a decade — and for good reason. If you’re looking to spruce up your home, call the Green Team today to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation with one of our kind and helpful home improvement experts.    

Enhance Your Investment With Curb Appeal

Curb ap-peal: noun. The attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street. With that said, what is it you think of first when you hear the term, “curb appeal”? Most homeowners’ minds probably go straight to the idea of beautifying the front of a home in order to sell it. While curb appeal is incredibly important in staging a home and making it more “appealing” to prospective buyers, it’s also a great thing because curb appeal can increase a property’s value (and your equity), even if you’re planning on staying in the home. Not to mention, the sense of pride that comes with pulling up to your very own beautiful home and the great first impression it makes on all your visitors. Paint The quickest way to gain some easy curb appeal is to consider repainting the exterior of the house. It’s inexpensive and can completely change the look of the house with relative ease. As easy as it may sound, it’s still recommended that you find a licensed contractor with experience doing exterior paint and trim. Because it’s the front of the house and the first thing everybody will see, it’s important that you find someone who’ll do the job correctly. That includes taking the extra time to apply a durable coat of weatherproof exterior paint that can help deter the fading, cracking, and peeling you might experience under harsh outdoor conditions such extreme heat, cold, moisture, precipitation, and sun. When picking colors, make sure to go with something neutral for the house and an accent color for the windows, shutters, and door. Windows Often overlooked as an aesthetic factor, windows play an integral role in the overall beauty of a home, especially when it comes to its curb appeal. Windows come in a variety of styles that allow you very creative and elegant ways to open them to allow for airflow and proper cleaning. Whether double-hung, awning, casement, transom or any of the other styles, new windows not only serve to beautify, but they can help cut down on energy costs, saving you plenty of money while looking fabulous at the same time. Roof Believe it or not, the roof – which happens to be the largest part of a house – is an easy thing to overlook when talking curb appeal. Since a roof accounts for nearly half of the house’s visual weight when viewed from the front, it’s important to make sure that to have it cleaned, at least. Having it chemically cleaned will remove the harmful mold and mildew while restoring its original color. Depending on how old it is, the roof may need to be replaced. A licensed contractor can inspect the roof to evaluate whether or not it should be replaced. If replacing the roof, consider how different color shingles or tiles can help contribute to the overall curb appeal of the house. Call Green Remodeling Since home renovations require many different areas of skill and craftsmanship, it’s important to find a licensed contractor you can trust to help you with all your home improvement needs. While nobody expects you to be a pro in all the different areas necessary, your investment requires the utmost in care and attention to detail. The licensed professionals at Green Remodeling are fully committed to making your home the very best it can be, offering a full line of services designed to maximize your curb appeal and beyond. Contact Green Remodeling today for your free estimate and consultation!    

Comparing Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone is durable and beautiful, with color and texture variations that make each countertop unique. However, not all natural stone countertops are equal and it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each before making the financial investment for this home improvement. While the most popular natural stone choices for countertops are granite and marble, limestone and soapstone are also commonly used. Here are a few comparisons to help you decide which natural stone countertop is the right fit for your kitchen and lifestyle.


Granite is an igneous rock containing mica and feldspar, and at least 20% quartz by volume. Pros: This durable stone is scratch, heat, and water-resistant. Relatively easy to clean, granite countertops are low-maintenance and provide a high resale value. Cons. Edges and corners can chip and must be professionally repaired. Sturdy cabinets are required to support the weight of this natural stone and regular resealing is needed to fend off stains.


Beautiful and classic, marble takes on an elegant patina over the years. Pros: Marble’s heat-resistant, smooth surface won’t chip or dent. Naturally cool, it is wonderful for working with pastry. Cons: More expensive then granite, porous marble can be scratched or etched by acids, even if you seal it. Regular sealing and special care are necessary to keep the creamy surface looking its best.


Constructed over time from shells and aquatic fossils, limestone bears a remarkable resemblance to (more expensive) marble. Pros: Limestone provides significant amounts of added value to a home. The white or sandy color matches well with the stainless steel fixtures common in modern kitchens. Cons: More pliable than granite, limestone has the tendency to scratch or discolor easily.


Ranging in tones from light to dark gray and composed mostly of mineral talc, soapstone is usually quite soft. However, soapstone used for countertops typically contains a higher percentage of quartz, making it harder and more suitable as a kitchen surface. Pros:  As a non-porous natural stone, soapstone is highly stain and bacteria resistant. It doesn’t require yearly sealing like other natural stones, but regular applications of mineral oil will help disguise scratches, add sheen, and deepen the color over time. Soapstone is resistant to etching from acids, withstands heat very well, and scratches can be easily repaired with sanding and oiling. The smooth, matte surface is great for making pastries. Cons: Periodic rubbing with mineral oil and buffing are necessary.  Cracking, chipping and, darkening in color are common. Soapstone is not as heat resistant as granite and its natural roughness can scuff glassware and china.     Now that you know a few strengths and weaknesses of each natural stone, come into one of our showrooms and let us show you a few samples. We can share our extensive experience with kitchen, bathroom, and bar countertops and help you decide which natural stone countertop is the best choice for your home renovation.

Framed and Frameless Cabinets

Traditional framed cabinets and contemporary frameless cabinets offer endless style and design options for your kitchen. Both types provide homeowners with the quality and structural durability they need as well as offer multiple stock, semi-custom, and custom options to fit the design aesthetic they desire. Framed Cabinets Framed cabinet construction is a very common method of construction for cabinets manufactured in the United States. The cabinet frame resembles a flat picture frame that is attached to the cabinet’s door front, providing added dimension. Framed cabinets consist of plywood or particle board cabinet boxes held together by a 1.5-inch to 2-inch border or frame attached to the front to hide the edges of the cabinet box. This face frame also adds strength and sturdiness and help support the overall cabinet. Framed cabinets’ side panels are inset and attached to the stiles (the vertical member of the face frame) and rails (the horizontal portion of the face frame.) Door hinges can be attached to the outside face frame, leaving a reveal (partial overlay) or to the inside of the frame, creating a uniform, flush-mounted look. Framed cabinetry offers three different overlay styles: standard (or partial,) full, or inset, each offering a wide variety of design possibilities for creating a customized look. Based on material types and the size of your kitchen, stock framed cabinets start around $5,000, semi-custom framed cabinets cost around $10,000, and custom-built framed cabinets run between $20,000 – $30,000. Because they require more material, framed cabinets tend to be more expensive than similar frameless cabinets. A notable downside to framed cabinets is that they provide less storage due to their narrow door and drawer openings within the frame. Frameless Cabinets Originally popular in Europe, frameless cabinets are becoming popular among American homeowners seeking a simple, contemporary look. Frameless cabinets do not have a face frame attached to the front of the cabinet box. The cabinet doors attach directly to the sides of the cabinet box and typically cover the entire cavity to create a sleek, unbroken appearance. Sometimes called “full access” cabinetry, frameless cabinets offer greater accessibility and storage because there is no face frame or center stile to narrow the opening. Again, the price of frameless cabinets varies due to material types and the size of your kitchen. Frameless cabinets are a bit less expensive due to less material needed, but you may have a difficult time finding a cabinet maker with expertise in frameless cabinetry. While framed cabinets are often found in traditional-style kitchens and frameless cabinets compliment the clean look of modern kitchens, don’t feel that you must obey these design “rules.” When choosing between framed and frameless cabinets, the choice should be determined by your budget and personal preferences. Give us a call at 678-445-5533 or stop by one of our showrooms today to discuss the features and benefits of framed and frameless cabinetry and which is the best choice for your kitchen. If you are looking for custom cabinets in Atlanta and looking for a reputable custom cabinet company then call us today.

Five Reasons to Opt for Custom Cabinetry

Most every home comes with cabinets already built into one room or another, but these pre-made pieces aren’t always sufficient for the homeowners’ specific needs. That’s why we almost always recommend custom carpentry for kitchen remodeling, basement finishing and more. At Green Remodeling, we’ve got years of experience building and installing beautiful wood cabinets. At this point, we can hardly imagine a space that wouldn’t be improved by the addition of some tailor-made cabinet storage because…
  1. They’ll work with your layout.
Even with limited wall space, like in open concept kitchens, there are ways to optimize your cabinetry that your builder may not have thought of. Dedicating an area to a bar or an island, for example, can provide you with lots of additional cabinets and seating without chopping up your home’s sought-after open layout. We can show you how to rearrange your existing cabinets and appliances to gain storage, functionality and a sleek aesthetic.
  1. They’ll add organized storage space.
One simple way to gain space while still keeping everything in the footprint of your old cabinets is to think vertical. We can extend cabinets all the way to the ceiling, adding cubic feet and sometimes two or more shelves in the process. We’ll make sure the shelves are the right height and depth for your belongings and incorporate drawers accordingly. If you’re a little messy, the hidden storage room cabinets provide will make your whole home incredibly easy to tidy up!
  1. They’ll better fit your lifestyle.
A basic pairing of upper and lower cabinets isn’t ideal for every house. If you like to be able to see and easily access everything, for example, glass-front upper cabinets or open shelving elements for dishes and baskets may be better suited for you. For a basement bar or a dining area, you may need a custom wine rack or even a small pantry to be a central part of your cabinetry.
  1. They’ll always be in style.
One of the biggest benefits to cabinet customization is the unbeatable style. You’ll have a say in the exact dimensions of your cabinets as well as their layout, color and finish. Our carpentry at Green goes beyond a fresh coat of paint and some fancy new handles. We’ll install pieces with incredible trim, exquisite borders and corners and rich stains. This kind of craftsmanship will only increase in value over time.
  1. They’re not just for the kitchen.
Not all cabinets are kitchen cabinets. Anywhere you want storage and more architectural interest is a great place for cabinets! In offices and family rooms, a bank of cabinets mixed with shelves give you somewhere to keep media, games, electronics, documents, etc. Plus, since we design cabinet schemes ourselves, we’re able to get you the exact size and style you want. Bathrooms and closets (walk-in or reach-in!) are also great candidates for crafted carpentry by Green Remodeling. Call today to get a quote on your custom cabinets!