Five Reasons to Opt for Custom Cabinetry

Most every home comes with cabinets already built into one room or another, but these pre-made pieces aren’t always sufficient for the homeowners’ specific needs. That’s why we almost always recommend custom carpentry for kitchen remodeling, basement finishing and more. At Green Remodeling, we’ve got years of experience building and installing beautiful wood cabinets. At this point, we can hardly imagine a space that wouldn’t be improved by the addition of some tailor-made cabinet storage because…
  1. They’ll work with your layout.
Even with limited wall space, like in open concept kitchens, there are ways to optimize your cabinetry that your builder may not have thought of. Dedicating an area to a bar or an island, for example, can provide you with lots of additional cabinets and seating without chopping up your home’s sought-after open layout. We can show you how to rearrange your existing cabinets and appliances to gain storage, functionality and a sleek aesthetic.
  1. They’ll add organized storage space.
One simple way to gain space while still keeping everything in the footprint of your old cabinets is to think vertical. We can extend cabinets all the way to the ceiling, adding cubic feet and sometimes two or more shelves in the process. We’ll make sure the shelves are the right height and depth for your belongings and incorporate drawers accordingly. If you’re a little messy, the hidden storage room cabinets provide will make your whole home incredibly easy to tidy up!
  1. They’ll better fit your lifestyle.
A basic pairing of upper and lower cabinets isn’t ideal for every house. If you like to be able to see and easily access everything, for example, glass-front upper cabinets or open shelving elements for dishes and baskets may be better suited for you. For a basement bar or a dining area, you may need a custom wine rack or even a small pantry to be a central part of your cabinetry.
  1. They’ll always be in style.
One of the biggest benefits to cabinet customization is the unbeatable style. You’ll have a say in the exact dimensions of your cabinets as well as their layout, color and finish. Our carpentry at Green goes beyond a fresh coat of paint and some fancy new handles. We’ll install pieces with incredible trim, exquisite borders and corners and rich stains. This kind of craftsmanship will only increase in value over time.
  1. They’re not just for the kitchen.
Not all cabinets are kitchen cabinets. Anywhere you want storage and more architectural interest is a great place for cabinets! In offices and family rooms, a bank of cabinets mixed with shelves give you somewhere to keep media, games, electronics, documents, etc. Plus, since we design cabinet schemes ourselves, we’re able to get you the exact size and style you want. Bathrooms and closets (walk-in or reach-in!) are also great candidates for crafted carpentry by Green Remodeling. Call today to get a quote on your custom cabinets!