Enhance Your Investment With Curb Appeal

Curb ap-peal: noun. The attractiveness of a property for sale and its surroundings when viewed from the street. With that said, what is it you think of first when you hear the term, “curb appeal”? Most homeowners’ minds probably go straight to the idea of beautifying the front of a home in order to sell it. While curb appeal is incredibly important in staging a home and making it more “appealing” to prospective buyers, it’s also a great thing because curb appeal can increase a property’s value (and your equity), even if you’re planning on staying in the home. Not to mention, the sense of pride that comes with pulling up to your very own beautiful home and the great first impression it makes on all your visitors. Paint The quickest way to gain some easy curb appeal is to consider repainting the exterior of the house. It’s inexpensive and can completely change the look of the house with relative ease. As easy as it may sound, it’s still recommended that you find a licensed contractor with experience doing exterior paint and trim. Because it’s the front of the house and the first thing everybody will see, it’s important that you find someone who’ll do the job correctly. That includes taking the extra time to apply a durable coat of weatherproof exterior paint that can help deter the fading, cracking, and peeling you might experience under harsh outdoor conditions such extreme heat, cold, moisture, precipitation, and sun. When picking colors, make sure to go with something neutral for the house and an accent color for the windows, shutters, and door. Windows Often overlooked as an aesthetic factor, windows play an integral role in the overall beauty of a home, especially when it comes to its curb appeal. Windows come in a variety of styles that allow you very creative and elegant ways to open them to allow for airflow and proper cleaning. Whether double-hung, awning, casement, transom or any of the other styles, new windows not only serve to beautify, but they can help cut down on energy costs, saving you plenty of money while looking fabulous at the same time. Roof Believe it or not, the roof – which happens to be the largest part of a house – is an easy thing to overlook when talking curb appeal. Since a roof accounts for nearly half of the house’s visual weight when viewed from the front, it’s important to make sure that to have it cleaned, at least. Having it chemically cleaned will remove the harmful mold and mildew while restoring its original color. Depending on how old it is, the roof may need to be replaced. A licensed contractor can inspect the roof to evaluate whether or not it should be replaced. If replacing the roof, consider how different color shingles or tiles can help contribute to the overall curb appeal of the house. Call Green Remodeling Since home renovations require many different areas of skill and craftsmanship, it’s important to find a licensed contractor you can trust to help you with all your home improvement needs. While nobody expects you to be a pro in all the different areas necessary, your investment requires the utmost in care and attention to detail. The licensed professionals at Green Remodeling are fully committed to making your home the very best it can be, offering a full line of services designed to maximize your curb appeal and beyond. Contact Green Remodeling today for your free estimate and consultation!