Don’t Debate. Renovate!

Even with the recent federal interest rate hikes, loan rates are still at their relative lowest in recent memory, which means that now might be the time to act, if you’re considering refinancing or taking out a loan against your home equity for a remodeling project you’ve been contemplating. With little relief in sight and rates only trending upward, now might be the time to remodel and lock in a lower rate. Additionally, here are just a few more reasons why now might be the ideal time to plan that home renovation/remodeling project: New Technology With the lightning-fast speed of advancing technology today, homes built just 10 years ago could use some upgrades when it comes to products, building materials, and smart technology for the home. Perhaps the latest wave of Wi-Fi kitchen appliances have you considering remodeling your current kitchen. Or maybe recent advances in green engineering and materials warrant you considering upgrading your windows and lighting to take advantage of increased energy savings. In addition to the convenience newer technology adds, it’s more affordable than even a couple years ago. Lifestyle Change With recent graduations, perhaps you’re finding your home a little quieter and a little less inhabited than it was before and you’re looking to do something productive with that extra bedroom. Or conversely, your high-schooler has more friends than ever and you’re lacking the space to entertain them all. Or perhaps your family is expanding and you suddenly find yourself in need of more living space. No matter the reason, you can have the home you want with a professional renovation today. And when it comes to professional renovation and remodeling, there’s nobody better than Green Remodeling to help you achieve the goal of living in the home of your dreams. Fully committed to helping clients maximize their remodeling budget, contact the licensed pros at Green Remodeling to get your long-awaited home remodeling project started today!