Decked Out

For the average American, a house is the most expensive purchase they will ever make. In addition, any improvements made to a home add to its value, enriching your investment and increasing your equity. Not all improvements are created equal, however. Some improvements are considered a better investment than others. Traditionally, kitchen renovations, roof, window or siding replacement are all improvements that tend to recoup more, on average, than other home improvements. Another one that does well in helping you recoup your investment at resale is the addition of a deck. Why a Deck? In addition to adding value to your home, adding a deck beautifies the exterior while providing a great functional space that adds great living space to your overall house. Given its importance and permanence, it’s vital that you get expert help in even the earliest stages of planning and preparation. That’s where Green Basements & Remodeling comes in. Green Basements & Remodeling has been making homeowners’ dreams come true for over a decade now and they’ll do the same for you with the addition of a new deck or any other home renovation project. Why Green? Green Basements & Remodeling takes a consultative approach to building you the outdoor deck of your dreams. In addition to the basics regarding size and location, they’ll ask you more in-depth questions about how you intend to use the space and what’s most important to you in terms of materials (wood or composite), styling, and additional features. Green Basements & Remodeling will also work with you on your project budget to ensure that you’re maximizing your investment while keeping a close eye on the bottom line. Since one of the biggest factors homeowners must consider when building and installing a deck is the cost, the deck pros at Green Basements & Remodeling will consult with you on the four major cost-altering factors in deck construction – size, location, material, and design – to keep your project in time and on budget! Contact Green Basements & Remodeling today for the very best in professional consultation, design, craftsmanship, and world class service. They’ll work with you all along the way to help you make the deck of your dreams a reality.