Creating an Enticing Entryway with Green Remodeling

Whenever anybody thinks of their home and the first impression it gives, most probably think about the front exterior of the home and the  “curb appeal” it holds for people looking at the house from the street or the driveway. But when you think more deeply about it, what about the impression the actual interior of the home gives off? First Things First Whether you call it a foyer or an entryway, it’s usually the first thing your guests see when they come inside, and how it looks to them makes all the difference in making a great first impression. Part welcoming center, part landing strip, your foyer serves many purposes and must serve them dutifully and beautifully. Here are just a few unique features you can incorporate into your entryway to set the stage for the rest of your house. Your Front Door When you think of your entryway and how to make it stand out, take a literal step backward and assess your front door first. Part of the entryway, your door makes a statement and preps your guests for what’s behind it. While you want something beautiful and impactful, you’ll also want something strong and secure. Raise the elegance factor and consider a door and sidelight combination for extra design flair. Consider a bold color for added contrast and curb appeal. Coat/Shoe Storage/Bench While more form than function, a coat/shoe closet is a convenient and effective use of entryway/foyer space that helps to keep the foyer looking tidy. In addition, for a more casual foyer that’s as stylish as it is functional, convert an existing closet into a discreet “mini-mudroom” complete with a shoe storage bench that not only offers a space where you can sit to take your shoes off, but hanging hooks for coats and bags when not in use. Proper Lighting It’s no secret that brightly-lit spaces are naturally welcoming, which makes the entryway the perfect space to go all out with your different lighting options. Whether you opt for the elegant charm of a chandelier or the modern, yet traditional, pendant light, you should make full use of your vertical space and add a hanging fixture that draws the eye upward, creating the illusion of a taller space. In addition, consider using space-saving, built-in fixtures such as wall sconces and even track lighting for a professional touch. One-Stop Contracting When it comes to a professional touch in home renovation and remodeling, nobody comes close to Green Remodeling. With a team of experienced designers and craftsmen specializing in every area of home improvement, Green Remodeling is the perfect one-stop shop for all your renovation needs, inside and outside your home. The perfect blend of skill and service, locally-owned and operated Green Remodeling has been a favorite of Atlanta-area homeowners for well over a decade — and for good reason. If you’re looking to spruce up your home, call the Green Team today to schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation with one of our kind and helpful home improvement experts.