Hot New Trend Alert: Leathered Countertops

The hottest thing in countertops is leathering. That doesn’t mean they’re made of leather, it means they look and feel like leather! Just as other home design trends have moved toward more textured surfaces (i.e. hand scraped hardwood floors, distressed furniture,) so have countertops. Leathered countertops bring a different dimension and an additional layer of design to a space, by giving the stone a textured surface while retaining its natural color. This specialty finish lends an air of sophistication to any space and looks especially striking alongside polished countertops. A leathered finish has a sheen to it, but it doesn’t possess the glossy look of a polished slab. Think of a matte finished photograph rather than a glossy photograph.  To leather countertops a rough slab of granite is placed on an automated conveyor system where a series of diamond-tipped brushes and polishing wheels brush across the surface to add texture. The brushes’ varying levels of grit produce a slightly dimpled surface and the final texture will vary depending on the type and composition of the stone. The process also helps retain the stone’s natural color and closes its pores, much like polishing, making it more stain resistant. Leathered countertops are lower maintenance than polished countertops because fingerprints, watermarks, smudges, and crumbs are less noticeable than they would be on a shiny, polished countertop. This means less day-to-day wiping up, which appeals to busy homeowners. Leather countertops are stylish conversation starters and a great way to lend some individual personality to your space. They are great for kitchens, bathrooms, and work especially well for wet bars. The textured surface adds an extra sensory element to a countertop design and you’ll find it hard to resist constantly running your hands along its surface. If you’re in the market for new countertops or looking to upgrade a kitchen or bath, consider how the countertop surface finish you select will affect the look and feel of your space. At Green Basements & Remodeling we are always on top of the newest design trends for our clients. Leathered countertops are an amazing way to put a unique twist on a traditional design. We invite you to come into one of our showrooms to see and feel them for yourself. We also invite you to come to our slab yard and look through our massive selection of granite, marble, quartz, and more. We proudly fabricate each of our clients’ countertops ourselves. Whatever type of countertop you want, we can do it!