Increase Your Home’s Livable Space with a Basement Remodel

Adding a room to your home generally requires building a structure, foundation, walls, and a roof. Not so when it comes to a basement since these structures are already in place. A basement remodel is the cheapest way to increase livable space for the most value per square foot. While no remodeling project guarantees a full return on your investment at the time of resale, a basement remodel will return a greater percentage of your money than most other home improvement projects. Not only are remodeled basements more attractive to prospective buyers, but finished basements are very marketable since you can include the basement in the official square footage, therefore adding value to your home. Remodeling your basement will add lots of livable space since basements are typically very large areas. Sometimes a basement remodel can almost double a home’s livable space! So whether you’ve had dreams of adding a home office, theater, playroom, gym, or extra bedrooms, a basement remodel can turn these dreams into a reality. Other possiblities include increased space for entertaining, extra storage, a family living area, or a basement apartment. With flame-retardant, mold-resistant, and acoustic-resistant insulating materials, a basement can become the most comfortable living space in your entire house. In the sweltering summer months, instead of cranking up your air conditioning, you and your family can relax in comfort in your home’s naturally cool basement. In the winter, the insulation will prevent heat from escaping. Regardless of the season, a properly insulated basement will increase your home’s energy efficiency and help keep your utility costs down. Refinishing your basement can also strengthen your home’s foundation. When you first begin your remodel you will be able to assess any water damage or structural issues that you may not have been aware of and take steps to make sure that you have a strong, mold-free foundation. By addressing these issues sooner rather than later, you may save yourself from future expensive repairs. As a business with over ten years of experience, Basement Remodeling in Alpharetta can help you achieve the exact basement you’ve always wanted. Visit our online photo gallery or come visit us at one of our two showrooms, where you can view samples of flooring, cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, tile, hardware and other materials that you can combine to complete your project. Our design team can prepare a plan for you that includes tile layouts, cabinet drawings, floor plan layouts, and more, allowing you to visualize and confirm what the end product will look like. Rest assured that you are working with the best when you work with us. We are not only licensed to do business, but we are also fully insured with both General Liability and Workman’s Compensation insurance. Most importantly, our contractor’s license allows us to pull permits, which can prevent many headaches with your project such as fines, delays, and possibly even tear out and rework. If you are considering transforming your basement into an extension of your home, contact Green Remodeling to set up a free estimate today.