Kitchen Remodeling Done Right

There is a distinct difference between kitchen renovating and kitchen remodeling or reconfiguring.  A general renovation can be as simple as just changing the kitchen’s finishes, upgrading what’s already there. A kitchen renovation is little more than a facelift. It can involve a change of the kitchen’s finishes, colors and style. This may include painting walls, switching out fixtures, refinishing cabinets and changing countertops from Formica to granite. If a homeowner is really feeling creative, they may want to renovate by adding a glass or ceramic backsplash. What renovating cannot include is a reconfiguration of the space or a change to its layout… That’s a full-on remodel!  A remodeling project involves changing the floor plan of a room and reconfiguring the layout and sometimes, this more in-depth transformative process is very necessary. Some kitchens need reconfiguring so they can better fit the space they occupy. Other kitchens may need reconfiguring to make them more efficient. Generally speaking, kitchen remodeling lets homeowners reconfigure their floor plan to better suit their needs. For example, a kitchen in which the dishwasher is far from its sink certainly isn’t as efficient as it could be and a kitchen with a big refrigerator in the middle of a walkway can certainly be a pain. Nowadays, most kitchen remodelers aim to give their kitchen a more open feel. Some designers call this “open concept.” This may mean giving the kitchen more sight lines to the rest of the house or rearranging appliances to free up usable space. Kitchen islands are more popular than ever and portable islands such as rolling carters and casual butcher blocks are on the rise as well. We love showing homeowners who never thought their kitchen could have an island how we can make it work. If you can picture it in your kitchen, we can make it happen. A large majority of kitchen remodeling projects begin with demolition. Because retrofitting a kitchen is much more difficult than building a new one, sometimes it cost less to start from new rather than trying to get modern cabinetry and appliances to fit the blueprint of an older home. Even in new homes, though, kitchen remodeling projects can be tricky. There are many plumbing points and electrical wiring to consider before you can install sinks, lighting and appliances. This is why you should never approach a kitchen remodel as a “weekend project” nor should you hire an amateur remodeling company to handle transforming the heart of your home. At Green Remodeling, we can redo your kitchen right, giving it an upgrade that’ll bring out its efficiency and lend it a classic look, sure to stay stylish for years.