Bars, Theaters and More!

Your basement is a blank canvas! A place where you can unleash your creativity and create a room you’ve always dreamed of having but were never sure you had the space for such as a bar or a movie room. At Green Remodeling, we help homeowners build custom basements. We bring the expertise necessary for turning that blank canvas into a fully built masterpiece.

Basement Bars

The basement is the perfect spot to put that home bar you’ve always dreamed of. Basement bars are attractive and convenient. Just imagine not having to migrate to the kitchen whenever you want a drink or a snack during the big game. Having a second sink, refrigerator or wine cooler in your home is possible with a basement bar. This saves you space for groceries in your upstairs fridge and gives you all the extra room (and ice) you need for entertaining.  For wine and liquor collectors, a basement bar is also an ideal organization solution.

Home Theaters

With their naturally dim nature, basements are already well-suited to become home theater rooms. We can help you design any kind of home theater from a casual room with a TV and sofas to an elaborate theater with a big screen and stadium seating. We can fully wire your home theater for surround sound and customize your lighting plan to make your basement look just like a cinema. Now that football season has started, there’s no better way to enjoy college ball or NFL games. Paired with a home bar in a large basement, nothing beats taking in a flick in your own home theater with a fresh bowl of popcorn!

Office Space and More

Not every home comes equipped with a home office but most new construction homes have a basement that we can transform into highly efficient home office space. With shelves and cabinets for printers and paperwork and extra wide desktops, a basement home office is perfect for telecommuters. A soothing office design that minimizes distractions help you stay focused during the workday even if you aren’t in your finest business casual ensemble. There are so many basement possibilities! Bars, theaters and offices are just some of the most common purposes. Guest bedrooms, in-law suites, craft rooms and game rooms are also quite popular. The basement doesn’t have to be the place you keep your old mattresses and Christmas decorations. It can be a place where you work, a place where you relax or a place where come together with your family and friends.