Remodeling Plan vs. Budget

Did the holidays make you decide that 2017 is the year you’re finally going to do that remodel? Too many guests and not enough bathrooms? Not enough counterspace when you were whipping your feasts? Whatever remodeling project you’ve been thinking about, now’s the time to take the next steps. It’s time to start planning, establish a budget, and call Greens! Plan You want to spend ample time planning and researching your remodeling project. Most remodeling projects require large investments of both time and money, and the more educated and prepared a homeowner is, the happier they tend to be with the final outcome. When you collect your ideas from magazines, photos, and online sites (Pinterest, Houzz, etc.) be specific regarding what you like about your choices when you discuss with your contractor. Also, be specific about what you dislike in your current space. Don’t assume your contractor sees your vision. Be as detailed as possible when talking about how you see your space being transformed. Budget Rarely is money not an object when it comes to remodeling, which is why a realistic budget must be established. Almost everyone has a wish list that exceeds their budget, but a professional contractor can show you what should be prioritized and what should be reconsidered. Your contractor will create an itemized outline of your plan and show you how to edit or eliminate items to make your plan align with your budget. Together you should come up with a compromise that will keep you on budget and keep your project in line with your original vision. At Greens we will discuss your project’s budget at our first design meeting and will continually discuss it with you throughout your project. We know that homeowners have concerns throughout the remodeling process and we are always respectful of our clients’ budgets. We use our knowledge, skills, and expertise to give each client an an “after” that is even better than their original vision, all while respecting and honoring their budget outlines.   As professional remodelers, we take our reputation very seriously and happily provide potential clients information such as references, license numbers, insurance information and certifications. When our clients are ready to create a contract, we patiently discuss timelines, payments, change orders, additional fees, and responsibilities. We are very familiar with each of these factors but are aware that most homeowners are not. We make sure that each client is fully informed and educated about their remodel and we’re always available to discuss any specific concerns they may have before, during, or after their remodeling project. At Greens, our clients’ satisfaction is our #1 priority. Call or come see us today and make 2017 the year that you finally do that remodel you’ve been dreaming about!