Why Hire a Professional Paint Crew

There’s a reason we call ourselves “Green Remodeling” and not “Green Kitchens & Bathrooms” or “Green Basement Refinishing,” although we love recreating kitchens, bathrooms and basements. The reason is that we don’t want to limit ourselves to any one area of the home or any one type of refinishing. We’re happy with almost any project we can get our hands on, from full-on basement finishing to stripping and staining furniture. Interior painting may not seem as interesting as gutting an old bathroom or building a basement bar from nothing, but we’re passionate about it nonetheless. Green Remodeling offers interior painting services to all of Atlanta and Atlanta’s suburbs. Our qualified painters have all the necessary skills to make sure your painting project is done properly. We understand the importance on prep work. We’ll help you find the perfect blend of color and texture to make your walls, trim or ceilings come to life! Our skilled contractors can handle whatever paint project you’ve got and make sure the job gets done right. Our trained and skilled employees take great care to protect everything in your home before starting any project. They tidy up at the end of each work day and they’ll try to minimize their presence in your home as much as possible. Our interior painting services include walls, ceilings, doors, shelving, mantels, paneling, trim, cabinets, stairs, handrails, entertainment systems, antiques and more! If it’s bigger than a paintbrush, we can paint it. Some folks think painting is easy and virtually anyone can do it. Not so. DIY paint jobs are popular but rarely do homeowners have the right tools or supplies to create a professional paint job. We got all the tools, tints and tricks to beautifully paint any surface in your home. You need more than a can of paint and a high-quality paintbrush to create a professional paint job. Certain wall textures need certain tools. We know when to use a brush, when to use a roller and when to use an edger kit.  Many do-it-yourselfers lay it on thick and add paint to cover up mistakes. But thick coats don’t hold up as well as thin coats. When we paint a home, we promise your walls will dry correctly, cover your old paint and give you a great new look that lasts and lasts. We know how to assess the existing walls, protect 100% of your floors and belongings and tape over your trim. Many older structures have oil-based paint on the walls. But homeowners most frequently turn to latex varieties when they want to paint. The problem: You can’t put latex over oil unless you’ve coated it with special primer first or your new paint job will peel off as soon as it’s dry! Unless they really do their research, this is a mistake any amateur paint crew could make. You certainly won’t be up against problems like these with Green Remodeling.