The Prettiest Interior Paint Ideas

A new coat (or a couple of new coats) of paint can give a room a whole new appearance! These five interior paint ideas work in any home and if carried out by experienced professional painters, they’ll create stylish spaces with lasting loveliness. 1. Play with Contrast Contrasting colors make rooms interesting. The walls, ceilings and cabinetry are a great place to work in some contrast. Incorporate classic black and white features like bright white trim and smooth black cabinets or more subtle light and dark elements like pastel floors and bold walls. 2. Pick a Mood Can’t decide a color? How about a feeling? You’ve probably noticed that certain colors evoke certain moods in people. Bright yellow and orange can feel energizing. Pastel green and blue are soothing. Red and maroon are intimate and contemplative. Just think of how you want to feel and think of the room’s main purpose (is it eating? sleeping? socializing?) and the right color will come to you! 3. Compliment Your Décor It’s easy to get lost in a rainbow of colors when you’re in front of a wall full of paint chips. Just don’t get so caught up in robin’s egg blue and sunshine yellow that you forget about the furniture and décor that’ll be up against those freshly painted panels of drywall! 4. Use Different Shades of a Single Color In other words, chip it! Most paint chips show a gradient of colors from light to dark. Rather than picking one of those shade and slapping it on every wall, pick two or more to work with. Painting the ceiling in a lighter version of the wall color, for example, lends a sophisticated look to most rooms and adds interest above eye level. 5. Bring in Texture Picking an interior paint style isn’t all about picking colors. There are also different textural finishes to choose from – matte, shiny, bumpy or crinkly. If you’re painting kitchen cabinets or small bits of trim there are even textured paints that can make your wood surfaces look like polished silver or soft gold. Adding texture to paint isn’t the easiest DIY project. If you want a textured paint look somewhere in your home, you should definitely consider hiring professional painters. One final tip that’ll let you pull of any of these looks without hitch: always bring your paint chips or a sample of the paint itself to view in natural light and in the light of your home. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen home store lighting get in the way of a perfectly painted space!