Preview Your Remodel

This year, Green Remodeling is introducing a new 3D virtual design program. This program allows you to see 2D and 3D visuals of how your redesigned home will look after we’ve put the finishing touches on it before you’ve actually made any changes to the space. We’re doing away with that dreaded phrase, “it looked better on paper.” Because we’re getting your ideas off the page and into a clever design program that lets you view the completed project before anyone has started knocking down walls or tearing up carpet. These days, when somebody decides to start a remodel, there’s usually a lengthy research period that precedes the fruition of the project in the physical world. We read design books, watch home improvements shows, surf architecture and design websites and spend countless hours trying to plan the spaces we live in each day. Shouldn’t we be able to see our plans in perfect 3D? There’s really no better way of visualizing a new room than seeing it modeled to scale in a three dimensional simulation. One of the best features of the Green Remodeling planning program is its ability to multitask. It has a large gallery of decor and finishes to choose from to simulate your style and it can clearly lay out multiple rooms and spaces in a single virtual design session. When you think about it, our virtual design previews are like a super affordable way for you to try out different paint color, move walls and add sophisticated details to your home without buying a thing. Whether you want to do work on your basement, your bathroom, your kitchen or your family room, the program’s 3D catalog library, packed with thousands of cabinets, appliances, furnishings and textures, is sure to have what you’re looking for. Our architectural design software is easy to use and the images it creates are realistic and easy to understand. You won’t be decoding blueprints or working with vague sketches with this design innovation! Your contractor and designer will work with you and quickly show you how your finished basement or remodeled kitchen is going to look in your home. And if there’s anything you don’t like about your home preview, tweaking features here and there is a breeze so costly redesign miscommunications are minimized. You can even move through the virtual models so you’ll know how your home’s new architectural features will look from every angle. A final benefit to previewing your new space on remodeling software is that it can even speed up the building process. The 3D models can be translated into construction documents hastily so the work can start faster and your real home can become like your virtual home sooner!