Building a Deck, Porch or Patio

Summertime has arrived which means now is the time to start spending your evenings outside on a beautiful back deck, a well-furnished patio or a charming front porch. At Green Remodeling, we believe that your home’s exterior should be as welcoming and comfortable as its interior. If your home didn’t come equipped with one of these fun, multi-functional outdoor spaces or if your outdoor space has seen better days, Green Remodeling can help. We expertly build decks and patios that are durable, attractive and usable. Give us a call today and we could have your new summer hangout finished long before the end of Popsicle season! Decks A deck is typically defined as a wooden above-ground structure made up of carefully laid planks. They may be stained, painted or sealed. They should not be left completely bare since sealants will help protect the deck from weather-wear and protect bare feet from pesky splinters. We have extensive experience building and remodeling decks of all heights and sizes with all kinds of extras from deck covers to outdoor kitchens. We’re happy to suggest architectural ideas such as custom columns, contrasting deck rails or corresponding fencing. Adding decking is an easy way to add value to your property, visually enhance your yard and incorporate more entertaining spots around your home. Porches Whether you like them open and airy or screened-in and shady, Green can help you construct the porch of your dreams. Fabulous front and back porches are a Southern tradition so here in North Georgia, nobody should live with a sub-par porch space. Porches can be ideal summer getaways because most are completely covered. This keeps them drier and cooler than other outdoor living areas. Large attached porches can even be tricked out with lighting, ceiling fans, custom ceiling designs and even outdoor-friendly hardwood floors. Visit our gallery to see all the different porch possibilities! Patios Creativity is of the utmost importance when it comes to designing a patio. They can be installed anywhere around your house – behind a ground-level kitchen, in a side yard or even underneath a pre-existing deck. Depending on the material you’d like to use, they can also be made in a wide variety shapes. Interesting angles and curves are currently all the rage among trend-setting patio designers but it’s a look that requires skilled workman. When we work with clients to design personalized patios, we’re able to include elements such as stucco, stamped concrete, brick and stone so as to better coordinate the outdoor space with the rest of the home.