Five Interior Styles for Finished Basements

When it comes to the ground level of the home, many basement finishers are content to let the furniture do all the talking while they keep the walls, floors and ceilings simple. This can be a great finishing option, especially for those looking to sell, but there’s potential for much more! At Green Remodeling, we can apply any style to your basement remodel. We know that with a little effort, a well-designed basement can increase your living space as well as express your tastes. These are five classic interior styles that could work in any basement: Luxurious If the rest of your home has an air of luxury about it, why not carry that into the basement? So many high-end homes end up with barren basements. The contractors here at Green know how to make the basement look just as stunning as your main floors. Once the concrete is covered with plush carpet or fine natural stone, designer lighting and an upgraded bannisters can make any basement seem more glamorous. Custom cabinets and countertops bring in both storage and style. For a particularly lavish touch, consider finishing the basement bathroom in the style of a destination spa. Rustic You don’t need a massive fireplace or a peaked ceiling to achieve that rustic, mountain cabin look. Distressed hardwood floors, stacked stone features and impressive wooden beams can be incorporated into any basement interior. Don’t worry about low ceilings or limited space. Rustic ceiling beams with coordinating floors can actually make a space appear taller while still adding plenty of coziness. Modern Sometimes, it seems like basement interiors are a few steps behind truly modern styling. At Green remodeling, we stay on top of the trends and we don’t let the lower level of a home lag behind! Oftentimes, there aren’t as many pre-existing architectural details in the basement as there are in other areas of the home. There may be no large windows, no focal point or even no real room dividers. Fortunately, creating an up-to-date contemporary aesthetic in the basement can still be possible with things like light fixtures, floors and tiles. A basement bar with a glass tile backsplash and some sleek granite, for example, would have an undeniably contemporary look. Traditional & Transitional To a large extent, traditional style is defined by organization and comfort. Built-in shelving and tray ceilings will go a long way in making a basement more traditional. To take a traditional style and make it transitional, all you have to do is add some contemporary details like the ones we’ve already mentioned. Transitional interiors are highly marketable, particularly in the basement where everyone has their own ideas about the functionality of the space. Whether you’re looking for luxury or a mixture of multiple modern styles, we can bring your basement vision to life!