Finish Your Basement This Fall

With the kids once again headed off to school five days a week, you may find yourself with some extra time to think about the look and feel of your home. On the other hand, you may find yourself busier than ever and in dire need of more usable space than the amount you got by with in the summer. At Green Basements and Remodeling we can make whatever look you’ve envisioned for your basement come to life. We’ll make both your basement and your whole home feel more comfortable, more organized and more beautiful for the fall and winter ahead. Start now and we could have it all finished before the holiday season! Add More Family Space During the school year – well, all year round really but particularly while school’s in session! – family time becomes even more precious. Make it count by constructing an amazing family space on your ground floor. Entertainment rooms that feel just like a theater are a popular choice among first-time finishers. We can help you sketch out a movie room that’s dark enough for a crystal clear picture when you want it but doesn’t feel too much like a cave during daylight hours. For the family that loves to compete, a game room (complete with a built-in snack bar) is another fun use of basement space that’s sure to bring everyone together. Create a Playroom or Homework Station For young kids, a fun basement playroom can help prevent the whole house becoming a playroom. Incorporating whimsical details like bright paint or carpet tiles make it kid-friendly and kid-tough. As your kids get older, they may find that their nightly homework loads get bigger. Having an area of the house where they can go to spread out their supplies and concentrate (and collaborate with their classmates when it’s time for that dreaded group project) will help them stay ahead. Whether you think this should be a highly organized little room with built-in shelving and white boards or a more casual nook within your larger basement space, we’ll make sure it’s a design that’s comfortable and promotes productivity. Get Extra Beds in Time for the Holidays Adding an extra bedroom to a finished basement or building that bedroom from scratch is a fantastic investment. The number of beds and baths in your home is closely related to its overall value, after all. Plus, when November and December roll around, you can host overnight guests with ease by housing them in a downstairs suite that includes its own full bath. Start today and we could have your basement guest room ready for the holidays!