Which Countertop is the Top?

One of the biggest ticket items for remodeling projects is often the countertops.  Historically granite has been the most popular choice; however, many are turning to quartz because of new advancements and how well quartz has been mimicking other countertop types such as marble, concrete, granite, etc.  So, what are the difference between granite and quartz? Granite is a 100% natural material thus every slab has unique color and pattern. Granite will last a lifetime and will not lose the natural pattern of the veins or color.   However, granite as a natural stone contains air and can therefore harbor bacteria and stain if not sealed on an on-going basis. Quartz is a manufactured stone and therefore color and pattern are very consistent from slab to slab and even over time.  Quartz will never need initial or continued sealing and is much less likely to stain or crack due to the presence of man-made resins. Should a quartz countertop be chipped, it can simply be repaired instead of needing replacement.  From a “green” aspect, quartz uses waste materials rather than quarrying new stone materials.  However, you wouldn’t want to install it next to a window unless it was an outdoor rated quartz (such as Dekton), because there is a possibility of discoloration due to UV light. Normally the decision comes down to one of two things: price or pattern.  A common granite is less costly than a standard quartz; however, exotic granites can be much more expensive!  Quartz manufacturers have been trying hard to have products that mimic the look of granite, but some feel these man-made stones can never replicate the beauty of a natural stone.  Either will be a good choice if you are well informed and know how to care for your countertops!