Green Goes Outdoors

Your home’s interior isn’t the only place you can add value to your property. Outdoor living spaces such as patios, decks and porches enhance your home’s exterior, give you a cool new summer hangout and actually add value. For an exterior upgrade that you enjoy for many years, here’s how you should approach your outdoor addition project…

First, consider function.

Are you going to throw a lot of parties outside or use a large deck as a bonus family space? Perhaps you’d rather build a small private patio just big enough for a bistro table. Determining whether your patio will be a gathering place or a getaway space will tell you how it should be designed and built. Beware of under-sizing though. For a deck to comfortable contain 4 or 5 chairs, a lot of square footage is needed. A patio with a fire pit feature also needs more than a little patch of pavement. Think about size and placement. Most outdoor living areas are placed so as to be accessible to the kitchen because that’s where people have their back door. However, a getaway patio can be built off of a bedroom or free-floating in the back of a property. If you currently lack any kind of patio or deck, you should walk around the property to get an idea of all the possible views and orientations your patio could have. The best spot isn’t always the most obvious spot!

Then, add your personal style.

Stylistic deck and patio choices may be partially determined by the site. Aesthetics are just as crucial to outdoor projects as they are indoors because the patio can be seen from inside the house as well as out in the yard. Curved lines are a popular patio trend lately but you may require an experienced construction company like Green to obtain the exact look you want. We can help point you toward building materials that complement the colors and architecture of your house. We’re familiar with all kinds of products including natural stone, stucco, concrete, concrete pavers and wood. We can even install water features to beautify your garden and help block out noises from nearby streets.

And get ready for summer!

Decks, porches and patios are fantastic spaces for entertaining during spring and summer months. Whether you want to enjoy a cool evening by a crackling fire or relax under a pergola for the afternoon, sipping an icy beverage, an outdoor addition makes just stepping outside feel like a little vacation. At Green Remodeling, we can offer designs and concepts to meet your family’s current and future needs. We can expertly incorporate whatever design elements best suit your lifestyle all while exhibiting superior customer service practices. Contact us today for an estimate! But before you do, visit our gallery to get some fresh ideas for your exterior additions!