Finished Basement FAQs

Green clients looking to finish or re-finish their home’s basement typically have a lot of questions – more than we could cover in this blog, really. If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our years of experience it’s that every home is unique, as is every basement remodeling project. Still, we receive certain questions over and over again. These are some of those big, important, frequently asked questions. Before we answer them, remember that planning out a basement can and generally should take time from choosing a layout to selecting finishes and furniture! FAQ #1: “What should I use my basement for?” Every family is different, so pinpoint how you spend your time, how you’d like to spend your time and try to design a space that caters to that. If you host a lot of overnight guests, a guest suite may be a useful addition. If you like parties or hold a strong interest in wine, a home bar or wine cellar might be a good investment. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly hangout, a massive family room, media room, game room combination just might make you the coolest parents ever. One thing pretty much every basement needs is a basement bathroom. FAQ #2: “What will finishing my basement cost and what’s the ROI?” Finishing a basement is a great investment and it’s often a whole lot easier (financially and design-wise) than remodeling the upper floors of a home. This is partly because you can choose how much square footage you want to tackle in the basement and leave some of it unfinished and largely because there usually isn’t anything there to have to rip out or replace. In the end, a finished basement can add an immeasurable amount of functionality to your house. Whether you create more bedrooms, better storage or a special entertaining space, we’re sure you’ll find that the basement is finally living up to its full potential after it’s been remodeled! FAQ #3: “What design style should I use in my basement?” That’s all up to you! The basement doesn’t necessarily have to exactly match the other floors of your home although we’ll do our best to match it if that’s what you want. We will say one thing – since there’s often a lot of space to cover, bigger is better when furniture shopping. Sectionals are a great way to avoid an empty-looking room, and they provide plenty of seating for when guests come to visit. Pull-out couches may also be a smart option for your ground floor. FAQ #4: “Should I add built-ins to my basement?” Many clients fear that built-ins aren’t appropriate for basements but we disagree. A wide open space is hard to define and clever built-ins can help clarify room divisions and organize personal belongings. For the ultimate media hub, a built-in entertainment center, complete with bookshelves and cabinets for electronics, movies and books does the trick. A custom wet bar with a mini-fridge and a microwave makes downstairs snacking simple. The options are endless!