Green’s Digital Design Tools

In the last 100 years or so, most of the basic tools of remodeling have stayed the same – hammer, nails, wood, paint, etc. New materials and new power tools have come onto the scene but, for the most part, the core concepts remained the same… until 2014 at least. Last year, we began to use one piece of technology in particular that completely changed the way we approach remodeling projects – 3D design software. No longer are the end results of our labor a mystery! With this program, we can preview what the end result will be and even simulate a final walk-through. Our advanced design program creates 2D and 3D visuals of redesigned spaces before we’ve actually made any changes to them. This often saves us time and resources because it allows our clients to see the project before any irreversible alterations are made to their homes. There’s nothing worse than re-starting a project two or three times because the mental picture doesn’t match the reality. With this revolutionary design innovation, we can view the space in virtual reality to better predict how it will look in the end. For extensive remodeling jobs such as finishing a basement, reconfiguring a kitchen or tearing down a dividing wall, imagining the end result without any kind of visual aid can be difficult. Forming an accurate mental picture is a bit easier with small jobs like repainting a room or refinishing a set of cabinets. With larger tasks, however, knowing how large that basement is or what lies beyond that poorly placed wall isn’t so simple. Our 3D modeling tools build images to scale so you can get a good sense of exactly how much space you’re dealing with. You can even add furniture pieces and wall art pieces to the virtual model in order to predict how your things will fit. There’s really no better way of visualizing a remodeled room than seeing it built perfectly to scale in a three dimensional simulation. Our program has a large gallery of flooring, hardware and other finishes to choose from so you can add your style to our remodeling plans. We can plan out multiple rooms and spaces in a single virtual design session. Even if you want your home gutted and refinished from top to bottom, our program can show you how it will be. Our architectural design software is easy to use and the images it creates are realistic and easy to understand. You don’t need to decode our blueprints or muddle through hard-to-follow designer sketches with this program and you can almost instantly tweak the design to your specifications. Get exactly what you want out of your remodel by building it on our 3D software before the actual building begins!