Up On the Housetop

Is your rooftop sturdy enough to support Santa, his reindeer and a sleigh full of presents? If that landing pad isn’t stable enough for Santa’s flying reindeer, it certainly isn’t protecting your home from the elements as well as it could be. It’s easy to see when the interior of your home needs remodeling or repairing because you see it every day. The roof, however, is more hidden from view. Often, our customers don’t realize what shape their roof is in until it’s too late… time for full roof replacement. This winter, we recommend getting a thorough roof inspection from a reputable contractor before anything leaks or cracks. If you’re already experiencing leaks or seeing patches of shingles missing, you should get in touch with the experts at Green Remodeling ASAP! The roof takes a beating from the elements on a constant basis. It’s the area of your house that is most subjected to heat, cold, wind and precipitation. With all the roof is protecting you against, a falling shingle or a visible crack is not to be ignored. And hiring a non-professional roofer to do some low price repair work isn’t recommended either. This budget-conscious strategy usually only costs you more money in the end when you have to hire a new contractor to fix the shoddy handiwork of a quick fix roofer. We repair roofs in such a way that the shingles are guaranteed not to slip down or blow away in the wind for a long, long time. Roofs require repair for many different reasons. There may be tree damage, humidity damage, shaky shingles loosened by the wind or just general corrosion. Overtime, the flashing that keeps water from walls and chimneys will deteriorate and allow water into your home. This is usually what it means when a roofer talks about corrosion and it is one of the most common causes of roof decline. Built up debris, scraping branches and nesting animals can cause corrosion and deterioration as well. Here in Georgia, we have hot and cold weather to cope with. Freezing temperatures and blistering heat can lead to roofing materials splitting, buckling or blistering. We’re familiar with all of the roof issues our Georgia climate may cause and if we can’t solve your roof problems ourselves, we’re happy to refer you to somebody who can. roofAt Green Remodeling, we handle a large variety of remodeling projects. Similarly, we handle many different types of roof repairs: debris removal, chimney repair, flashing issues, leaky walls, leaky skylights, missing or curling shingles and more. We utilize materials that match your existing roof and enhance your roof’s durability. Our workers are high-quality, too. Green’s roofers and inspectors are experienced, courteous individuals who will treat your roof right and stand by the repairs they make long after the job is done.