Kitchen Countertop Trends

Countertops set the tone and serve as the focal point in a kitchen, especially kitchen islands. The perfect countertop can help you achieve the desired aesthetic for your kitchen, but you also want to choose one that suits your lifestyle. Here are a few finish, material, and design trends that you may want to consider when choosing your kitchen countertops.


Material: Quartz

First introduced as a high-end alternative to granite, quartz has been dominating the countertop scene for years. As a non-porous option, liquids like water, wine, and oils cannot seep into the surface to cause staining and bacteria cannot penetrate the surface to create unsanitary conditions. Quartz, also praised for its durability, is as strong as concrete and granite, but less likely to chip or crack. As a manufactured product, quartz countertops are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and finishes that mimic the look of granite, natural stone, and marble—all at a more affordable price point.


Finishes: Polished,  Honed, and Leathered

Textures and tactile surfaces are trending in all aspects of home design, including countertops. Honed, leathered, and polished surfaces can be applied to most countertop materials, including granite, marble, and quartz. A low-sheen, matte, honed finish has little to no shine, better concealing flaws and scratches. In recent years, this trend has been gaining ground over the previously popular polished surface. Leathered finishes are a newer style of treatment that retain a stone’s natural color giving it a more sophisticated look than honed. This type of finish offers a soft sheen that is less glossy than a polished slab, allowing it to better hide fingerprints and water spots.


Character: Veining and Patterns

Homeowners are looking for more character than round particulate patterned countertops. Realistic veining is a hot trend in kitchen countertops and modern engineering has made it easier for manufacturers to produce striking and uniquely veined and patterned materials.


Style: Waterfall Islands

Countertops consisting of four sides of neat ends are being replaced by the waterfall edge where the countertop flows from the top of the island to the floor. This stunning design feature can be achieved with almost any material, and is sure to be one of the first things guest will notice when entering your kitchen.


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